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Shanghai Tours

Shanghai, known as "Paris in the East", is the economic and financial center of China. Travel with us to learn the history, development and beauty of this metropolis.

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1 Day The Essential of Shanghai Tour

There are many titles about Shanghai: 'Oriental Paris', 'China's Financial Center', 'International Metropolis' and 'the Largest City in China'. See the both historical and developing Shanghai with our private one day tour.

Tongli Water Town

1-Day Shanghai to Tongli Water Town Tour

Our one-day, privately guided tour begins in Shanghai, which is China mainland’s most modern, populous, and prosperous city. We travel from the heart of this megalopolis to the nearby, tranquil, canal-filled town of Tongli, known in China as "Little Venice of the East".

CET Advantages:

  • Explore a quaint, ancient canal-filled town dubbed – "the Venice of the East"
  • Adequate tour time allotted making for a relaxing, enjoyable day
  • Visit the gorgeous Tuisi gardens complete with ancient architecture and reflecting pond
  • Experience one of the oldest Chinese opera forms – the Kun opera
  • Take a relaxing, unforgettable gondola ride – float slowly through the charming canals of this postcard town
  • Local cuisine, we select local restaurants who serve well-prepared, tasty, and safe local cuisine
  • Customizable schedule with no shopping stops
  • Private tour for just your group (minimum 2 people)

2-Day Shanghai Sightseeing with Maglev Train

Tour package for people who have already booked a hotel or accommodation in Shanghai. The two days in the package are fully made use of.

CET Advantages:

  • Make the best use of two days
  • Cruise from old Shanghai to the new Shanghai
  • Experience the fastest train on earth
yellow mountains

3-Day Yellow Mountain Tour from Shanghai

Grab your bullet train tickets to Huangshan and visit Yellow Mountain! Waiting for the sunset and sunrise on the top of the Mountain would be a life time experience. Pay a visit to Hongcun Ancient Village, immerse yourself in China’s architectures. Back to 900 years ago, see how’s the house design had been affected by Fengshui Culture in China. We packed in all of those with a 3 days Yellow Mountain Tour.

CET Advantages:

  • Walk through the Hongcun Ancient Village.
  • Marvel at Yellow Mountain.
  • Wander around the Old Street.
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3-Day Shanghai Highlights Discovery

This tour covers all the must-see sites in Shanghai. Fully enjoy the glamour of this international city and you will learn about its history, natural beauty and skyscrapers.

CET Advantages:

  • Ramble on The Bund along Huangpu River
  • Panoramic-view from the 100th floor of SWFC
  • Stroll through Yuyuan Bazaar
zhujiajiao water town

4-day Shanghai Subway Tour

Shanghai will incite in you a hundred different emotions. While walking on the International Metropolis’ street, staring up at the skyscrapers, or exploring the local neighborhoods (Shikumen) and shopping around in Yuyuan Bazaar, you are going to experience the rich history of this city. Discover the high life and see how it has changed from a fishing village to China’s commercial center.

CET Advantages:

  • Travel by subway like local people
  • Appreciate an overall aspect of Shanghai’s rich history
  • See old Shanghai in Zhujiajiao Water Town
  • Enjoy a panoramic view from The Oriental Pearl Tower
the bund

4-Day Shanghai Top Memories Tour

Visit the most iconic ancient garden and building in the most magical city in China. Learn the culture, architecture and science of old Shanghai, modern Shanghai and future Shanghai!

CET Advantages:

  • The exquisite gardens
  • See plans for Shanghai’s future development
  • Enjoy a birds-eye view of the city from Oriental Pearl Tower
  • Learn about the local people’s life style in a modern village
west lake

4-Day Essence Tour of Shanghai and Hangzhou

Combining Shanghai’s prosperity with Hangzhou’s beauty, this tour offers you a memorable experience. Meeting locals on the high speed train is not to be missed.

CET Advantages:

  • Boat ride on West Lake
  • Learn Chinese tea culture at local tea farm
  • Visit local residence and their food market
  • Panoramic view from the top of SWFC
suzhou gardens

4-Day Shanghai and Suzhou Combo

You have a hundred different moods about Shanghai. Walking on the International Metropolis' street, seeing the skyscrapers, exploring the local neighborhoods (Shikumen) and shopping around in Yuyuan Bazaar, you are going to experience the rich history of this city. Discover the high life and see how it's changed from a fish village to China's commercial center.

CET Advantages:

  • Taka adventure by trying the local snacks in Yuyuan Bazaar.
  • Pay a visit to Shikumen, discover local people’s life.
  • Boat riding in Tongli, embrace the ‘Eastern Venice’.
  • See Humble Administrator's Garden
tongli water town

5-Day Eastern China Educational Tour

Discovering Shanghai's highlights, touring ancient water town of Tongli and admiring the beauty of West Lake, our student tour takes you to eastern China to learn traditional Chinese culture and local people's life.

CET Advantages:

  • Birds-eye view from Oriental Pearl Tower
  • International architecture exhibition along the Bund
  • Close look at Shanghai’s local resident
  • Boat ride in Tongli Water Town
  • Bike along The West Lake
  • Learn Chinese medicine and tea culture