Educational Travel

Educational Travel

What is Educational Travel?

There is a Chinese idiom – 道山学海 "dào shān xué hǎi" – learning is as high as the mountains and as wide as the ocean. Educational travel is for everyone – from the young to the old. We are always finding new ways to learn, to enhance our understanding, broadening our horizon, giving us a better knowledge of the world we live in. CET is all about allowing everyone to not just see and capture a glimpse of the country, but to learn, discover, embrace and have a deeper understanding of the real China in a very unique way.

"Educational Travel" VS "Regular Travel"

Is educational travel only for schools or tertiary students?
Valuing your time to ensure a rich and meaningful experience
One’s shallow and one’s deep
Luxurious and affordable

Why travel is the best education?

Educational Travel focuses on 'cultural immersion, participation, discovery, understanding, connection and community'. It arouses your curiosity, broadens your horizons giving you a global perspective about people, their culture, political, economic and social structures. You are taken on a journey that is beyond books, television, and YouTube. From images in books and screens, your travel will come alive when you meet with the people, walk along the Great Wall, enter into the heart of the Forbidden City, encounter the Warriors in Xi’an, cruise along the Li River in Guilin, feed the pandas, the smells and tastes of exotic foods, and much more. You will be amazed by the depth of Educational Travel. You will experience and encounter the "real heart of China".

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