Guizhou Tours

Guizhou Tours

Hidden amongst jagged karst mountains, misty waterfalls, and undulating hills, Guizhou is a gem hidden under layers of gorgeous scenery, and with each step, a new vista emerges. Here you will encounter the tallest waterfall in Asia at 255ft (77.8m) high and 331ft (101m) wide - the Huangguoshu Waterfall, the holy Buddhist mountain with an elevation of 2,570 meters above sea level- the Fanjingshan Mountain, and the UNESCO world heritage site -Libo Maolan National Nature Reserve.

Guizhou is home to 48 ethnic minorities out of China’s 56 ethnic groups. The ethnic groups live in beautiful villages untouched by modern development. Their ancient traditions, architecture, and cuisine captivate visitors. Their bright festivals and villages offer plenty of scope for exploration. There are various ethnic minority festivals throughout the year, where celebrations will bring about their most colorful clothing and gathering for a big party. Dance and singing are also predominant, with many of them originating from ancient courtship rituals, like the Sister’s Meal Festival, which is the local version of Valentine’s Day.

Until recently Guizhou is one of China's least accessible regions due to its mountainous terrain but in 2014 a new high-speed rail line connecting the province with the southern boomtown of Guangzhou, near Hong Kong. The train ride will take 5.5hrs from Hong Kong to its capital city Guiyang. Join us to explore this largely undiscovered province in southwestern China.

6 days Guiyang, Kaili, Xijiang and Libo Tour

CET Advantages:

#1 Encounter the minority culture and customs - visiting some of Guizhou region's most beautiful Miao villages. Miao villages

#2 Explore Kongbai village and its 600-year old silver-making tradition. Kongbai village

#3 Explore the Seven Small Arches & Libo Scenic Area, which is characterized by unique Karst landscapes, mysterious dense forests, various living species, splendid overlapping mountains, clear rivers, and lakes. Libo Scenic Area

#4 Enjoy the karst landscapes see nature at its best at Maolan National Nature Reserve. Maolan National Nature Reserve

6 Days Guiyang, Kaili, Xijiang, Zhenyuan and Tongren Tour

CET Advantages:

#1 Immerse and get an insight into the life and customs of village life that has continued to remain undisturbed through the centuries in Miao villages. Shiqiao Village in Guizhou

#2 Explore Kongbai village and its 600-year old silver-making tradition. silver-making

#3 Challenge yourself on the 8,888-step ascent (around 3.5 hours) from the foot to the summit of Mount Fanjing (Don’t worry; there is an option to ride a cable car). Mount Fanjing

#4 Visit Zhenyuan a 2,300 year-old town and be amazed by their abundant cultural relics and mesmerizing natural scenery. Zhenyuan Old Town

5 Days Guiyang and Kaili Sisters' Meal Festival

CET Advantages:

#1 Learn more about the "living fossil" of papermaking at Shiqiao Village.  Shiqiao Village

#2 Join Sisters’ Meal Festival celebration – learn more about the traditional ways of “seeking a suitable marriage partner of Miao people. Sisters Meal Festival celebration

#3 Admire the beautiful costumes, exquisite embroidery, and dazzling silver ornaments of the Miao people. Sisters Meal Festival