Xinjiang Tours

Xinjiang Tours

Located in the northwest of China, Xinjiang is the largest of all provinces and regions with a long borderline. With an area of 1.66 million square kilometers, Xinjiang is almost the same size as Iran. Because of the large land area and variety of climates, Xinjiang has totally different landscapes from north to south. You can find the Southern Mountain Pastureland, Kanas Lake, and Heavenly Lake in the north, and Taklamakan Desert in the south. You can immerse yourself in the Grand Bazaar to experience the local people’s life and exotic cultures of the different minority groups. Last but not least, the tasty local food is another good reason for people travel to Xinjiang.

Xinjiang is the essential part of the ancient Silk Road. People choose to travel the Silk Road, not only to see the famed ruins on the ground, but also the things and stories which are buried deep in the desert. The classic drive route, which includes the desert highway, is from Turpan to Kashgar via Urumqi, Kuqa and Hotan. Driving on the desert highway will mean a lot to your Xinjiang tour. We have selected a couple of tours below. Pick your favorite one to discover the best of Xinjiang.

9-day South Xinjiang Tour

CET Advantages:

  • Local experts speaking fluent English
  • Comfortable vehicles for land transportation
  • Visit a Tajik family and talk to the host
  • Taste different types of local delicacies