Huangshan Tours

Huangshan Tours

Huangshan city is located in eastern China. It is very convenient for you to get there by taking a speed train from Hangzhou or Shanghai for around 2-3 hours. People are attracted to the glorious natural landscape in Mount Huangshan, which is listed in both World Natural and Cultural Heritage. Besides that, Huangshan city is the important birthplace of Hui-Culture, such as Huizhou architecture, Huizhou sculpture, Xin'an painting, and Xin'an medicine.

The historical human culture makes your traveling days even more interesting. Like the ancient villages – Xidi and Hongcun – which display the characteristics of Huizhou architecture and sculpture. Having a go at making traditional handicrafts, and trying Hui cuisine (which is one of the eight major cuisines in China) are activities which are well worth a try.

Here are some sample tours in Huangshan or you can click here to make your own trip.

The Yellow Mountains Day Trip Day Tour

1 Day Private Hiking Tour on the Yellow Mountains

There is an old saying in China that no mountains can compare to the Five Great Mountains while the Yellow Mountains is way beyond them. Listed in the World Heritage – Mixed Property explains how important it is. There are rich plant and animal resources in the mountains, and you can take a deep breath of the negative oxygen ions in the air.

CET Advantages:

  • Visit the classical scenery on the back mountain
  • Riding return cable car to save your time and energy
  • Listen to the stories about the names of each attraction
  • Use your imagination to admire the pines and rocks
2 Days on the Yellow Mountains Overnight on the Mountains

2 Days Private Tour on the Yellow Mountains

The Yellow Mountains have undergone a long period of orogeny and crustal uplift as well as glaciation and weathering to form its unique peak forest structure. Spending one night on it, you will have enough time to extend your pace to the Xihai Grand Canyon which is grand, strange and spectacular.

CET Advantages:

  • Challenge mild hiking in two days
  • Stay overnight on the mountain
  • Have a chance to see the sunset and sunrise on the mountain
  • Admire well selected stunning natural beauty
3 Days Classical Huangshan Tour Classical Tour

3 Days Private Tour in Huangshan

The natural resource of the Yellow Mountains is a gift from Mother Nature while the profound history and culture need the efforts of human beings and a long time to accumulate. On this three-day tour, you will have time to visit another World Cultural Heritage – Hongcun Village, apart from the Yellow Mountains.

CET Advantages:

  • Experience local traditional handicraft with hands-on activity
  • Stay one night at the inn rebuilt from an old house with a long history
  • Learn about the basic folk customs according to the layout and architecture of Hongcun Village
  • Listen to the birds on the Yellow Mountains
Huangshan Culture and Landscape Tour in 4 Days Culture and Landscape

4 Days Private Tour of Culture and Landscape in Huangshan

Huangshan, named Huizhou in ancient times, is the hometown of the Huizhou merchants. You will walk along the ancient path that many Huizhou merchants in the past tread with their footsteps, and was prosperous at that time, connecting two famous ancient villages – Hongcun Village and Xidi Village.

CET Advantages:

  • Make a HuiZhou style incense pendant with Chinese herbs yourself
  • Absorb the wisdom of ancient China in a rigorously planned ancient village
  • Enjoy your peaceful moment while hiking on a rural path
  • Admire the remarkable Yellow Mountains
Ancient Hui-culture Study Tour Ancient Hui-culture Study

5 Days Private Huangshan Educational Tour: Learn about Hui architecture and craftsmanship as an insider

Huizhou was renamed Huangshan in 1987. It is a valuable place for foreign students to explore the ancient Chinese culture that dates back thousands of years.

CET Advantages:

  • Walk into Huizhou where many outstanding people of old originated
  • Learn about the spirit of diligence, loyalty and filial piety, humility and forging ahead in Hui-culture
  • Get to know about Chinese Fengshui Theory through Chengkan Village
  • Have a chance to do gilding on a Huizhou ink stick yourself
  • Make Dougong under the instruction of a master in Chengkan Village