About China Educational Tours

Our philosophy is simple: To Know China from real life experience, NOT only from what you read in books.

Traveling opens your eyes to the world. What else could fulfil people's curiosity other than an insightful tour to the Far East? China Educational Tours (CET) was founded to carry out educational exchange programs between China and rest of the world. We provide not only sightseeing tours, but also an in-depth connection to Chinese culture. We are based in China to give you an authentic real life experience. You will know so much more about Chinese culture after taking part in our Programs inside China.

How it all began

Michael Hu had a brilliant idea.

While working as a tour guide, Michael became very uncomfortable with the way tours were typically managed. Instead of taking time to explore China’s intriguing cultures and breathtaking scenery, tourists were being coerced into spending their time and money in ‘tourist traps’ such as shops, factories and museums.

University educated and possessing excellent English skills, Michael earned a position as Travel Manager in an online travel agency in 2008. Over the next 5 years he successfully assisted more than 2000 overseas travelers plan their trips to China. His clients especially appreciated his attention to detail and personalized care, and soon he had so many repeat customers that he was promoted to Sales Manager.

During this time, some of Michael’s clients were school groups, but he was disappointed to find that the only available options were the standard tours which were lacking in the cultural programs and interactive learning experiences that he knew would benefit the students.

So Michael Hu founded China Educational Tours to be a brand new kind of tour company which could provide visitors to China with exactly what they need, and at an affordable price. China Educational Tours specializes in local cultural experiences, such as local restaurants, local tour guides and experts, local family and school visits, local company and factory visits, and local farming activities, because people visiting China want a chance to experience something of China’s rich culture.

Michael has worked hard to find the best value tours for students and individual travelers. In his own words:

‘China Educational Tours is not an NGO, but we are happy to be ambassadors for China. I hope all of the in-depth cultural activities and interactive programs are life changing for both our clients and local people they meet.’ -Michael Hu

Meet Our Elite Team

The China Educational Tours team is productive, experienced, passionate and knowledgeable. The product managers devise various tours based on travel trends and what people want to see the most. Our travel consultants help you tailor-make your personal tours. The last but not the least, our excellent tour guides carry out every single point of our promise and make your trip life-time memorable. With this elite team, you could rest assured, Meet them here.

Responsible Travel

Responsible travel is about the attitude you take and the choices you make when travelling - respecting people, their cultures and local environments; in the distribution of wealth; and in good will and cross-cultural sharing.

  • Open the book of WORLD for children from both sides
  • Offer real life experiences which promote cross-cultural understanding
  • Spreading the economic benefits by patronizing a range of suppliers
  • Hiring local tour guides and recommending local eateries and stores to our passengers
  • Volunteer teaching in local schools and helping orphanages
  • Help homeless children in NGO welfare house read more »

Why Choose Us

1. Insiders

  • Based in China, our tour guides and travel advisors are local experts
  • One on one dedicated travel advisors ensure a quick reply within 24 hours
  • Student-friendly Tour Guides: we selected guides based on their experience, knowledge and personality
  • We focus on in-depth China tours for individuals, families and students
  • Our tours and culture exchange programs are beyond the ordinary

2. Worry Free

  • Money Back Guarantee: We keep our promises. If something does go wrong, we fix it
  • Free Cancellation Policy
  • No Forced Shopping: To discover more about China, our tours have NO forced shopping or detours
  • 24/7 care from the tour planning, through the traveling, until our tour is completed

3. Lifetime Deposit

You will be protected by our lifetime Deposit Policy if any cancellation or delay of your trip occurs due to unexpected events. The deposit paid can be saved for your next trip or passed onto a family member or friend.

4. Our Partners

What Our Customers Say on Trip Advisor

We had a wonderful experience in China with this tour company

"CET is lead by great people. Michael and Carol helped us immensely and I would highly recommend them because of their knowledge, background and capability. They helped us deal with schedule changes and changing weather and were very flexible. I think most important is their personal commitment to their clients, and their patience and desire to make sure each trip is unforgettable."

Damon from US

Our Chinese Adventure

"Michael from China Educational tours did an excellent job at planning our tailored 12 day trip to China. My husband and I were very impressed with the level of service and professionalism in the planning of our trip and during the stay itself. We stayed 2 days each in Guilin, Tibet, Xian and Beijing. Some of the highlights included the bike ride in Yangshuo, the terracotta warriors and the Great Wall. We would definitely recommend China Educational Tours."

Rosemary from South Africa

China Educational Tours were excellent

"We very much enjoyed our visit to Guilin and surrounding areas in April 2016 and would like to thank Carol for her great organisation and attention to detail when she helped to plan our trip with us. She replied promptly to all our questions and was great at suggesting activities and methods of transport.The accommodation she arranged for us was very good and each day we saw many aspects of some beautiful countryside with ancient villages and historic sites."

Victoria from Australia

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