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Planning a China tour is difficult due to the huge landmass, different culture and language barrier. The advice from local experts would make it a lot easier. Your personal travel advisor is ready to answer all the questions you may have within 12 hours.

michael hu
Michael Hu Co-Founder

Michael has helped over 1000 tour groups after being in the tourism industry for 8 years. He is now focusing his passion on China education tours. He wants to show the beautiful and cultural parts of China to the whole world.

China is like a book. Those who have only visited the popular attractions read just the cover page. Michael and his team have discovered the Educational Tours and In-depth Cultural Activities. He loves his country and hopes that CET customers can experience Chinese culture from people's real life.

carol guan
Carol Guan Co-Founder & CFO

Carol started her career as an English-speaking tour guide right after graduation. The nine years guiding experience has taken her traveling to most parts of China. In the following 5 years, she worked as a travel consultant and tailor-made China tours.

"Carol answered all my questions and is always available when I need her assistance," was said by one of her customers. She looks forward to showing more people how beautiful China is, not only by visiting the highlight attractions but also by interacting with local people. That is also what China Educational Tours is keen on.

Ruth Wickham
Ruth Wickham Chief Editor & Writer

Ruth is an Australian who has always enjoyed writing, and has traveled extensively, living and working in many countries throughout her life. After teaching Primary School in Australia for 20 years, she then spent 10 years teaching English as a Second Language to classes of all ages and abilities in China, Turkey, the UK, Saudi Arabia, and Malaysia. She also worked as an educational consultant, mentoring teachers and Teachers College faculty, and has been responsible for producing and improving educational materials individually as well as in a collaborative role.

Leon Long
Leon Long Sales Manager

Having worked as a travel specialist since 2004, Leon has helped more than 5000 visitors from all over the world to visit China. He has a good understanding of our clients' needs. He has traveled extensively around China, so he can help you to plan a trip both time and cost effectively. As a Chinese cultural enthusiast, he teaches himself traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), and practices Taichi and Qigong (training of movement, breathing and focus). He also engages in Baduanjin (a kind of Qigong) with colleagues daily on the roof top of the CET office here in Guilin.

Shirley Li
Shirley Li Web Editor

Graduated from a local university in Guilin with English major, Shirley is passionate in writing and translating. She is a bit introversion but loves traveling and taking photos. She has found lots of fun working as a web editor since she joins CET. She is responsible for writing travel contents, crafting tour products, and updating the information of travel programs. She has good analytical capability and sense of responsibility. “I enjoy every moment of traveling and writing.”, Shirley always says so.

Tracy Wang
Tracy Wang Webmaster & Marketing Manager

With her love for traveling as well as photography, Tracy Wang’s enthusiasm and enjoyment in her work is plain to see. Having majored in computer science and technology, she has nearly 10 years’ experience in marketing travel websites and promoting tourist destinations in China. She delights in helping visitors discover the natural beauty and rich culture of China. Tracy’s deep-rooted passion for travel resonates with the core values of CET, and it is her intention to provide the best possible web service for users.
You are encouraged to contact her to receive constructive advice about your visit.

Lee Li
Lee Li Travel Specialist

Lee graduated from Guilin Tourism University and worked as an English-speaking tour guide for 8 years. The experience as a tour guide has helped him to better design travel plans for different visitors with varied requirements working as a travel consultant. He applies his patience and thoughtful individual service to his job. He is always eager to show China to the world and learn about different cultures from other countries. He always says that he is never too old to learn. This is why he likes his job so much!

Ms Tan
Tan Qianyun Designer

As a web designer of China Educational Tours, Tan is responsible for the design of the visual layout of the website and graphic design of our company’s business. With her favorite activities being design and painting, she loves her job and likes to achieve her best in her daily work. Being an excellent web designer, skilled in the use of a variety of concepts, such as color collocation, typesetting, and spatial relations, she creates web interfaces with aesthetics that are both visually appealing and well suited for user experience.

Sadie Li
Sadie Li Product Development Designer

After nearly 10 years of working in the tourism industry, and with experience both as a tour operator and travel specialist in several different travel destinations (Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand, and China), she has demonstrated a talent for designing educational activities for those who are keen to participate in Chinese culture. Responsible and enterprising, she works efficiently as well as up skilling and encouraging her team. Sadie loves this job, as it not only provides daily inspiration but also nurtures her capacity for developing increasingly interesting products         for international travelers to gain a deeper understanding of China.

Wowkie Chan
Wowkie Chan Technical Support

Chan is responsible for building and optimizing the China Educational Tours website, as well as providing technical support to system development and website maintenance. With his passion, confidence and innovation, he hopes to always increase customer satisfaction by using technology. Construction of CET as a safe, reliable, fast, and user friendly website is his chief motivation.

Eric M. Meyer
Eric M. Meyer Senior Editor

Eric is an American who has spent most of his adult life living outside of the US. He has lived in Spain, Greece, Ecuador, and spent 4 years teaching in China until recently. He has been involved in Education for slightly more than 15 years, has taught History and Geography at the HS level, and English at the college level. He is also an avid traveler having visited over 50 countries and territories.

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