Which is the Best Month to Visit China?

Which is the Best Month to Visit China?

Across this immense land, the weather in China varies from month to month and from region to region. There are four distinct seasons in most parts of China with very low temperatures in winter and super high temperatures in summer. Cultural sightseeing will not be much influenced by weather but natural scenery might vary from season to season. People wonder which is the best month or when is the best time to visit China. There is no single answer to such questions.

Come and visit various destinations in different seasons, and you’ll gain a diverse traveling experience. Generally speaking, April, May, September and October are more comfortable than other months to visit China due to the mild temperatures. It is usually a lot more crowded during China’s public holidays and school holidays (such as school summer vacation from July to August). Winter (December, January and February) is the low season when it is relatively quiet and empty at major tourist attractions.

Plan a China trip based on your own time schedule and you will always have proper things to do in each month.

Month-by-Month Guide for Traveling in China

By Carol Guan