2 Days on the Yellow Mountains

2 Days on the Yellow Mountains

HS-02: 2 Days Private Tour on the Yellow Mountains

The Yellow Mountains have undergone a long period of orogeny and crustal uplift as well as glaciation and weathering to form its unique peak forest structure. Spending one night on it, you will have enough time to extend your pace to the Xihai Grand Canyon which is grand, strange and spectacular. If the weather is good enough, you will witness the gorgeous view of the sunset and sunrise on the particular peaks. Your visit focuses on the most beautiful back mountain and the Xihai Grand Canyon.
1. Please only pack your daily necessities to take along during these two days and store your big luggage at hotel reception.
2. The meal cost on the mountain: buffet lunch is RMB 140 per person; buffet dinner is RMB 160 per person. The buffet at Xihai hotel is RMB 180 per person.
3. The length and route of hiking on the mountain can be adjusted as per your physical ability and request. Or you can spend more time on the spots you like.

Trip Highlights

  • Challenge mild hiking in two days
  • Stay overnight on the mountain
  • Have a chance to see the sunset and sunrise on the mountain
  • Admire well selected stunning natural beauty
Suitable For: Moderate Hike

Map of this Trip

2 Days on the Yellow Mountains
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Full itinerary for 2 Days on the Yellow Mountains

Day 1

Your driver and tour guide will wait for you at your hotel lobby at the appointed time. You will spend around one hour on the road to get to Mount Huangshan Scenic Area. Get on the shuttle bus at the ticket office and reach the Yungu cable station, from where you will take the cable car up to the middle of the mountain. Hold your breath and get ready for an adventure and a feast for your eyes.
Start your visit from the White Goose Peak, the Beginning-to-Believe Peak and Black Tiger Pine. They are in the north sea scenic area, which is the hinterland of Mount Huangshan. Take a rest and replenish your energy from your lunch.

the pines and the rocks

The Fantastic Pines and Grotesque Rocks on the Mountains


Head to the west, you will arrive at the Bright Summit, which is the second highest peak of Mount Huangshan and the boundary between the front mountain and the back mountain. Walk further, and you will see the Flying-over Rock. It is the greatest wonder that a huge stone is standing on the rock platform. Next stop is the Cloud-dispelling Pavilion, which is the entrance to the Xihai Grand Canyon. The splendid landscape of the Xihai Grand Canyon is definitely the highlight and no other scenic areas are comparable. (Note: the Xihai Grand Canyon is closed to public from 1st Dec to 31st Mar for winter maintenance.)
Spend your night on the mountain.

the Flying-over Rock

Flying-over Rock

Day 2

It is recommended that you get up early to see the sunrise when there is a condition of high visibility outdoors. After breakfast, you will continue to explore the north sea scenic area. First it is the Lion Peak, which is an ideal spot to see the sunrise. You can also see the famous sight of A Monkey Gaping at the Sea on this peak. The Flower Grown out of A Writing Brush Rock is at a lower elevation. There is an ancient pine growing on the peak point, with twists and turns, like flowers in full bloom. The peak in the shape of a pen rack appears next to it. Finally you will take the cable car down from the mountain and transfer to the shuttle bus back to the ticket office.


The Sunrise on the Mountains


We can take you to your hotel / train station / airport as per your request. It is recommended for you to book your train / flight departing from Huangshan City after 14:00 pm.

Hotels for your reference

  Comfortable Deluxe
the Yellow Mountains Xihai Hotel (Building B) Xihai Hotel (Building A)

What’s Included

  • Excellent English speaking tour guide
  • Entrance fee to Yellow Mountains
  • Return cable car fee
  • Expert drivers and comfortable vehicle with air-conditioner
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