Harbin Tours

Harbin Tours

The city of Harbin, capital of Heilongjiang, the most northern province in China, is the home of the magnificent Siberian tigers. With the Songhua River flowing through the city from west to east, Harbin enjoys a very long winter when the temperature usually drops below -30℃ and the whole city comes alive. As the cradle of Ice and Snow Culture, the city is renowned at home and abroad for the Ice-Snow Festival and the ski resorts. Interesting examples of Russian style architecture in Harbin are all over the city, as a result of an extended period of Russian colonial rule.
Our tours have selected the best bits of Harbin. If you need more than these, please tell us what you want and we will customize your trip

4-Day Winter Experience in Harbin

Harbin is celebrated for its historical connection to Russia and is sometimes even called “the Moscow of the Far East”. This 4-Day tour ushers you into the largest Ice and Snow Festival, presenting you with an exceptional winter travel experience.

CET Advantages:

  • Stroll along the Zhongyang Pedestrian Street
  • Visit the largest Orthodox Church in the Far East
  • Have a good time in Harbin Ice-lantern Festival
  • Pick fruit and melons in the Beidahuang Agriculture Garden
  • Enjoy a brilliant night on Sun Island
  • Take part in winter activities during the Ice and Snow Festival