Li River Bamboo Rafting in Yangshuo

Guilin Tours

The stunning landscape in Guilin draws millions of visitors from home and abroad every year. Limestone hills, dissolved caves, winding Li River and peaceful countryside create a picture of timeless beauty. It is your first choice for hiking, biking, photography and leisure.

How Long to Stay in Guilin

A classic Guilin tour takes 4 days and 3 nights. It's the combination of natural landscape, minority discovering, cave exploring and culture exchange program. We listed some options below based on your time table.

Est, Days Most Recommended Tours
1 day Li River Cruise
2 days Li River Cruise & Longji Terraced Fields
3 days Li River Cruise with biking in Yangshuo + Longji Terraced Fields
4 days 3 days tour + Daxu Ancient Town & City Tour(Reed Flute Cave)
5 days 4 days tour + Sanjiang Minority discovery
Li River Sunset and Fishermen

1 Day Li River Cruise and Yangshuo Sightseeing

“East or West, Guilin scenery is the best”. A cruise along the Li River is the best way to appreciate the landscape. Gorgeous Karst peaks amaze you at each bend of the limpid river with the blue sky. Water buffalos patrol the fields, peasants reap in the rice paddies, school children and fishermen travel on bamboo rafts. The breath-taking scenery and countryside lifestyle differ from the concrete metropolis. It is now the top travel destination for visitors fro home and abroad.

Family Hiking in Pingan Village of Longji

2 Days Hiking through the Terraced Fields in Longsheng

Hiking in Longsheng is the best way to discover China's rich minority culture and admire the stunning rice terraces. Interact with local Zhuang and Yao people to learn about their life style.

CET Advantages:

  • Quiet trek away from hustle and bustle
  • Breathtaking panoramic view of the rice terraces
  • Interact with local ethnic minorities
  • Starry night on top of the mountains
longji minority

Guilin, Longji Minority and Yangshuo Tour

People say they want to see the REAL China. Different from Beijing and Shanghai, Guilin is the ideal place to explore countryside, minority people and natural landscape. You can experience all of those highlights in this tour.

CET Advantages:

  • Be amazed by Terraced Fields and admire Chinese traditional agriculture
  • Come face-to-face with Zhuang and Miao Minority People.
  • Explore the Cave and respect the workshop of nature.
  • Cook Chinese food along the Yulong River in Yangshuo.
Cuiping Mountains and River Photography in Yangshuo

Guilin Photography Tour

This tour is designed for whoever loves taking photos of nature landscape, people, architecture and history. We take you to remote mountains for sunrise and sunset, shoot at places that few tourists ever visit. It is an experience and more than a tour.

CET Advantages:

  • Take secret path up to Yao Mountain for sunrise
  • local craftsman, barefoot doctor and fisherman pose for photo taking
  • Hike the most beautiful part of the Li River
  • Interact with local photographers
Li River Cruise

No Shopping Private Guilin Tour from Guangzhou

We will take you touring around and near Guilin to see its essence and do some outdoor activities. As you take an easy hike from one ancient village to another along the Longji mountains, you will admire the spectacular Rice Terraces and get to know about the culture of the Zhuang nationality in Longsheng.

CET Advantages:

  • Appreciate natural scenery with a combination of mountains and water
  • Get in touch with an ethnic minority – the Zhuang people in ancient villages
  • Shop at a local market and learn how to bargain
  • Cook Chinese dishes yourself under a teacher's guidance
  • Do some exploration by hiking and cycling
  • Be led by a local expert who is knowledgeable about the history and culture
  • Fully relax during our flexible travel arrangements
Li River and Karst Mountains

Guilin & Yangshuo Tour from Hong Kong

Guilin is famous for its natural landscape and authentic countryside. We tailor made this tour to see the essence of Guilin and Yangshuo. We included round trip flight from Hong Kong. We save your time to find the best deal flight.

CET Advantages:

  • Sailing on the Li River, see the solitary mountains.
  • Discover the Cave, be surprised by the stalactites.
  • Biking in Yangshuo, see authentic Chinese countryside.
  • Walk around Elephant Trunk Hill, the symbol of Guilin.