Make A Chinese Folding Fan in Fuli Town

Fuli is an ancient town in the east of Yangshuo County, which is 70 km south of Guilin City. It has a more than one-thousand year history, as well as a good reputation for its dramatic landscapes. In its traditional culture, Fuli is reputed to be "the hometown of the Chinese fan". The Chinese fan of Fuli is an antique craft featuring exquisite painting with landscapes in Guilin and Yangshuo, calligraphy and a Chinese seal.

We will take you to visit the old town of Fuli. You will stroll along the old stone-paved path with traditional Chinese style houses on both sides. Once you step into Fuli old street, you can smell the inks in the air. Sitting in the old house, Master Mo will teach you how to paint a fan of your own. This visit mainly displays the manufacturing procedure of a Chinese folding fan within 2 hours. You will learn the history and culture of the Chinese fan.

How to Make a Chinese Folding Fan Craft

Step 1 Cutting

Cut a large piece of rice paper into several (at least 2) semicircle-shaped pieces which will be made into the fan face based on the framework of a fan.

Step 2 Pasting

Paste the semicircular pieces together with glue, but leave regular strips without glue, ready for inserting the bamboo slats.

Step 3 Trimming

Trim the edges of the fan face neatly and perfectly.

Step 4 Painting

This is the most important course. The master will teach you how to paint using Chinese painting brushes. Following these instructions, you may paint one or both sides of the fan face with pictures or calligraphy using different colored pigments and inks as you like.

Step 5 Mounting

Fetch another big piece of paper and cut one strip and make it into a long narrow edge. Mount it to the longest edge of the fan face. When the ink and paste has dried, you can fold the fan face and make sharp creases.

Step 6 Threading

Thread the prepared fan frame into the fan face. Insert the bamboo slats through the openings of the fan face one by one, and then paste the two biggest ribbons to the edge of the fan face. A Chinese folding fan that is well made will be a wonderful souvenir for you or your friends.

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By Shirley Li
Web Editor