Shanghai Weather

Shanghai Weather

How is the weather in Shanghai?

Shanghai enjoys a northern subtropical maritime monsoon climate, characterized by plenty of rainfall and adequate sunshine. Shanghai weather is generally mild and moist, with four distinctive seasons. It has a short spring and autumn and a long summer and winter. The main climate features are: warm in spring, hot in summer, cool in autumn and cold in winter.

The “urban heat island effect” (where an urban area is significantly warmer than its surrounding rural areas due to human activities) is significant in Shanghai with the busy population spread over the vast urban area. The alternation of winter and summer monsoons have shaped the local precipitation. There are three raining period, the spring, the early summer( Meiyu Period), and early autumn. In addition, there are three dry period in the middle and late summer, the late autumn and the winter.

4-Day Shanghai Weather Forecast

Day Night Description Temperature

Shanghai Average Climate by Month

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
High (℃) 8 9 13 19 24 27 32 32 28 23 17 11
High(℉) 46.4 48.2 55.4 66.2 75.2 80.6 89.6 89.6 82.4 73.4 62.6 51.8
Low (℃) 1 2 5 11 16 21 25 25 21 15 9 3
Low(℉) 33.8 35.6 41 51.8 60.8 69.8 77 77 69.8 59 48.2 37.4
Rain (mm) 49 59 90 97 112 169 151 146 141 57 49 38

The coldest weather lasts from late January to early February. Although the harsh days are limited, the humid cold and the north wind are tortuous. Please note the wet Meiyu Period between mid-June and early July. During these 20 days, the rainfall is often as much as 25% of the city's annual total. Typhoons frequently visit Shanghai between late August and early September and bring heavy rains.

Spring - comfortable and pleasant

flowers in spring

Weather: The season when flowers bloom, between March and May, is the best tourist season. The average temperature varies between 2 and 9°C, but the weather is fickle.

Clothing: Wear warmish clothing, not too heavy. The average temperature during the day is about 13°C. Short jackets with jeans, thin woolen coats, knitted cardigans, jackets, windbreakers, etc. are all good choices. Please put on extra coats, outerwear, sweaters, etc. in the cooler evenings.

Things to do: In the mild and bright spring sunshine, most urban parks in Shanghai hold flower exhibitions. In addition to the natural scenery, landmarks such as the Bund and Oriental Pearl Tower are very attractive.

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the summer view of zhujiajiao town in shanghai

Weather: In the hot weather, some days will be sweltering hot and some days will be wet with the “Meiyu” rains.

Dressing: It is recommended to wear cotton and linen fabrics, soft texture shirts, thin long skirts and thin t-shirts. Breathable thinner and lighter clothing will help to keep you cool. Please put on sun protection clothing and use sunblock creams if you go out in the sun.

Things to do: Try to arrange indoor visits in the scorching daytime, such as Shanghai Museum and Shanghai Longtangs. At night, walking in the beautiful landscape of the Bund is really pleasant.


an autumn sight of shanghai

Weather: Clear and refreshing autumn days are really made for travelling. But occasional rainy and overcast conditions will bring more humidity and big temperature differences between day and night.

Dressing: The weather in autumn is erratic. It is recommended to wear light, loose and warm-colored clothes, such as short suits, t-shirts and casual clothes.

Things to do: Shanghai's autumn landscape is particularly colorful, with maple trees, Chinese parasol trees and ginkgo leaves scattered over the ground; migratory birds can also be seen in wetland parks.


the bund in winter

Weather: Cold airstreams come in winter. There is abundant rainfall, but the temperature variation is wide. The cold air activity is very frequent and sometimes it is both wet and cold.

Dressing: It is recommended to wear knits, sweaters, thermal base layers with down jackets and overcoats.

Things to do: It is brisk and chilly in winter. But the landscape can look very pretty in the snow. Plum blossoms can be seen in every park. Attractions such as the Bund and Yuyuan Garden show a different aspect in the snow.

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