Shanghai Weather in November

Shanghai Weather in November

In deep autumn, the temperature is pretty low. It is typically especially chilly at dawn and dusk. The air is dry when the wind blows on clear days. Gusts of wind and sudden temperature drops accompanied by rainfall occur sometimes.

Average Maximum Average Minimum Highest Maximum Lowest Minimum
17 11 22 5
62.6 51.8 71.6 41

Sunny Days: 4 days

Cloudy Days: 18 days

Rainy Days: 8 days

What to wear and bring?

In early November

Please bring along moisturizers, lip balm and water facial sprays in the dry weather. Full cotton clothes would save one from static electricity shocks. Scarfs and face masks could be of great use in the low temperature between the end of September and the beginning of winter.

In the mid-November

Loose, soft and comfortable cotton material clothing are suitable for the season. Thin and multi-layered clothing provides more warmth than thick single layered clothing. Slightly loose shoes and thick socks are good for the winter.

In late November

To withstand cold gusts of wind in winter, put on soft snug-fitting thermal underwear. The layers of clothing, should provide moisture absorption and be loose. The outfit should withstand the wind with tight collars, cuffs, waist opening and ankle parts.

Historical Shanghai Weather in November

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