Shanghai Weather in October

Shanghai Weather in October

The temperature in Shanghai in October tends to fluctuate wildly. As the rainfall decreases in mid and late October, the humidity goes down.

Average Maximum Average Minimum Highest MaximumLowest Minimum

Sunny Days: 9 days
Cloudy Days: 9 days

Rainy Days: 12 days

What to wear and bring?

In early October

Prepare both summer and autumn clothing to cope with the frequently changing weather. It also rains in early October. You might want to wear waterproof shoes for walking on slippery roads.


Weather on National Day Please be aware of the weather forecast for the constantly changing weather.

In mid-October

Please ensure the warmth of the lower part of the body. Wearing insoles in your shoes can help to keep feet warm. Drink more water and take vitamin supplements.

In late October

Put on or take off clothes as appropriate to adapt to the variations in the weather. Replenish water and use moisturizer as the humidity decreases.

Historical Shanghai Weather in October

historical shanghai weather in octoberclick here to enlarge
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