Pingyao Tours

Pingyao Tours

Pingyao County is located in the center of Shanxi Province. With a long history or nearly 2800 years, its ancient city has not only kept the original look from the Ming and Qing Dynasties, but was also listed as a World Heritage Site in 1997. Besides that, Shanxi carries most of the essence of Chinese Civilization from the past five thousand years. From cultural relics and historical sites to architectural achievements, it is a clear demonstration of the brilliance of our ancestors as well as a picture of their life style.

A 4-Day Tour of Two Ancient Cities in China

A 4-Day Tour of Two Ancient Cities in China Historical Sites

4-Day Historical and Cultural Tour to the Yungang Grottoes of Datong and the Ancient City of Pingyao

Both of these beautiful, ancient locations are on UNESCO’s World Heritage list. The Yungang grottoes are one of the best preserved Buddhist caves in the world and today still holds an important spot in Buddhist culture and history.

CET Advantages:

  • Admire the excellently preserved, 1500-year-old Buddhist art of the Yungang Grottoes
  • Be mesmerized by a Buddhist monastery built midway into the side of a sheer cliff
  • Crane your neck gazing at the 55 ft (17 mt) tall statue of Buddha
  • Visit an ancient Chinese castle with underground labyrinth
  • Check off two more UNESCO World Heritage Sites from your list
  • See a rare, 20-armed statue of Buddha
  • Improve your travel pics with a 2,700 year-old, 30 ft high (10mt), Chinese fortress wall and watchtower in the background
  • Walk amongst 51,000 ancient Buddhist statues
  • Step inside an ancient Chinese prison, interrogation room, and courthouse
  • Fill up your memory card leisurely wandering around an ancient Chinese residential maze-like complex – a complete step back into time

Pingyao Ancient Architecture Tour from Xi'an

Pingyao Ancient Architecture Tour from Xi'an From Xi'an

3 Days Tour to the Ancient City of Pingyao, Zhangbi Ancient Castle and the Wang Family Compound

As a World Culture Heritage site, the Ancient City of Pingyao is a valuable representative of culture. It presents a complete picture of the extraordinary cultural, social, economic and religious development during the course of Chinese history. Not far away from Pingyao, you will visit Zhangbi Ancient Castle and the Wang Family Compound. This tour will give you a general idea of people’s lifestyle in ancient China.

CET Advantages:

  • Get to know about the ancestors of some industries
  • Appreciate the essence and style of ancient architectural structures
  • Climb on the City Wall to overlook Pingyao
  • Understand official family's architectural pattern through the Wang Compound
  • Explore the tunnels under Zhangbi Ancient Castle
  • Learn about Chinese astrology through the layout of Zhangbi Ancient Castle