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China is vast, full of culture and history. Chinese language is the most-spoken language in the world. It's getting more popular as China is playing a more important role world-wide. Our Educational Tours allow you to be totally immersed in Chinese culture and interaction with the local people. The unique aspects present a different but a very real China to you from what you will never read about in a book.

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School Trips (6)

China Student Tour 2017/2018

Hutong Culture Exchange:Beijing Opera Mask Painting

11 Days Beijing - Xi'an - Shanghai Tour

This comprehensive tour combines the fun of exploration with the practicalities of education. Participants will appreciate the beauty of nature as well as get a feel for authentic Chinese culture and lifestyle by visiting significant historical and cultural sites and interacting with a local family. China's university and learning culture is better understood through visits to famous universities and listening to academic experts.

China Sister School Tour

13 Days Beijing - Suzhou - Changshu - Shanghai

Since 2010, we have being working with schools from Victoria State, Australia. We help them to arrange sister school visits to Changshu. We have dealt with the Department of Education from Victoria State, Leongatha Primary School, Leongatha Secondary College, Yarram Secondary College and schools from Tarago Education Community ever since. We will take care of all the arrangements in China, so you can fully concentrate on your students and programs. This tour can be tailor-made to fit your different school programs.

Beijing History and Culture Learning Tour

Great Wall Hiking

5 Days Beijing Discovery with Educational Travel

Traveling to Beijing with students is not about sightseeing only. We select some culture exchange programs to help your students to immerse themselves in Chinese history and culture.

Xi'an Educational Tour

xian cycling

5 Days Xi'an Student Learning Tour

Ancient capital, historical city and Terracotta Warrior are the only things the students have known about Xi'an. Our educational tours offer more than that!

Eastern China Educational Tour

tongli water town

5-Day Student Tour to Shanghai and Its Neighborhood

Discovering Shanghai's highlights, touring ancient water town of Tongli and admiring the beauty of West Lake, our student tour takes you to eastern China to learn traditional Chinese culture and local people's life.

Beijing Culture Tour

Chinese Calligraphy Learning

7 Days Tour to Learn Beijing's Rich Cultures

Visit Beijing from a culture perspective. Experience Chinese long history and rich culture by learning language and calligraphy, anticipating tea ceremony, practicing Taichi and making dumplings.

MBA & Language Learning (4)

MBA & Business Focus Tour

great wall

7 Days Beijing - Shanghai

Over the past few years, economic growth in China has outstripped that of the rest of the world. How did this come about? What is the secret of China's business growth? This MBA & Business Focus Tour specializes in visits to China's factories and companies. Combined with the cultural activities, the students will have an insightful experience of China's business.

China Culture Tour with Language Learning

13 Days Guilin - Huanjiang - Longsheng - Xi'an - Beijing

This Program gives you an intimate insight into the daily life of Chinese people, while addressing key aspects of the Chinese language. It will allow you to move about freely in a Chinese environment. For the first week, you will complete 10 hours of Chinese learning at Guilin Chinese Learning Institute and interact with students in Huanjiang High School. The second week takes you to Xi'an and Beijing where you can experience the splendidly rich and ancient culture of Chinese history.

Immersion Chinese Learning Program in Guilin

li river fisherman

8 Days Guilin Chinese Learning Program

This program offers an immersive learning opportunity to students of all ages. It includes 20 hours of mandarin lessons per week with, additional activities and sightseeing tours. You could stay with local families to achieve direct insight into a typical Chinese family's lifestyle. Dorms and hotels are also available if you are interested in alternative accommodation. Hospitable home-stay hosts, experienced partners and professional staff are the key commitment to a safe and fun Chinese learning experience.

Chinese Learning Trip in Beijing and Shanghai

learning chinese

11 Days Beijing - Shanghai

Immerse yourself into a Chinese learning experience in Beijing, and see modern Shanghai. This program offers you a comprehensive overview of Chinese people, culture and politics across the country's long history. It is available to students at any level of Chinese language skill.

Outdoor & Sports Tours (4)

China Sports Tour

china sports tour

10 Days Beijing - Xi'an - Shanghai

Ancient buildings, a bustling city, and world famous iconic landmarks along with the excitement of sporting activities will ensure that this is a memorable experience. Visit a world-famous national stadium, the main venue for the Olympic Games in 2008. As well as this, participating in interactive games with local students offers a unique opportunity to make new friends. You also can learn significant Chinese history and culture from making dumplings, practicing Taiji, playing Chinese Yo-yo and cycling through the Hutong alleys.


Handcraft Lesson

7 Days Guilin - Longji - Yangshuo

This tour offers an exceptional opportunity to participate in outdoors and sporting activities. Not only will you be delighted as you experience China, you will also improve your physical and mental wellbeing through a series of unforgettable and fun adventures.

Two-Day Great Wall Hiking for Students

Jinshanling Great Wall

Visiting The Great Wall of China is on everybody's traveling list. Our student hiking trip on the unrestored sections of the Great Wall presents the original Wall with its rich historical background.

Two-Day Great Wall Outdoor Tour

This 15-km hiking adventure will induce an appreciation of the majesty of the Great Wall section from Jinshanling to Gubeikou. Camp at the foot of the Great Wall, and marvel at the night sky strewn with shimmering stars as well as most exquisite sunrise or sunset. Immerse yourself in the grandeur of both the man-made monument and nature's bounty. It is time to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

Night Stay in a Dinosaur Museum

dinosaur museum

2 Days Beijing

A sleepover is an interesting way for young friends to experience the Museum and learn about prehistoric animals through storytelling, information, and participation in fun activities.

Community Service and Home-stay (3)


mahai village

Follow us to a village in the Longji Scenic Area of Longsheng County, 80km northwest of Guilin city. The village has more than 200 years’ history. There are 128 households and more than 500 villagers. They are mostly of Zhuang nationality. Passing traditions from generation to generation, villagers make their living on growing rice, planting vegetables and bamboo, and feeding fish.


longji rice terraces

4 Days Guizhou

For the students, nothing is more exciting than getting their hands dirty. This community service program will take the students to a remote Miao village in Guizhou Province. They will live in local people’s houses and help the villagers to build their fish ponds or terraced rice fields. This is the best way to experience minority people’s life in remote China.

People to People Tour

Children Playing

8 Days Guangzhou - Guilin

To Know China from the local people’s perspective is the main reason we have created this experience for you. That’s the story you can tell your classmates, friends and families. We have included different types of in-depth cultural activities. You will meet different people and learn about this country from the local people’s daily life.

China Community Service Tour

Children Playing

10 Days Beijing - Xi'an - Chengdu Tour

This journey is not just about sightseeing, but it can also be a spiritual experience in your life. You will understand Chinese traditional culture and customs by visiting historic sites. Friendships will be formed while participating in a sports match with a local school. On top of this, you will be deeply moved as you are involved in voluntary humanitarian activities. This kind of program can also be operated in other cities if you wish, to improve life for animals, people, and society. All of these activities have a spiritual value in the modern world.

In-depth Cultural Activities (2)

In-depth Cultural Activities

9 Cool Products of Culture Exchange

Over the years we have developed more Cultural Exchange Tours in different areas around China. Our Cultural Exchange Tours are designed to instil humanitarian values that encourage a lifetime of service activities. Through a variety of service learning programs, we work closely with you to design an experience that will best educate your students. Whether it is an educational factory visit or an interactive activity with local people, our tours give your group the opportunity to interact and encounter real life in China.

Visit to the Best Universities in China

Visit the campuses of Peking University and Tsinghua University. Understand the history, culture and spirit of these two famous universities, and the knowledge and background of the attractions in these campuses. You will immerse yourself in their long history and rich significance. In addition, you may like to experience the different outlook of a university with an oriental background.

China Culture and University Visit

11 Days Beijing - Xi'an - Shanghai Tour

This comprehensive tour combines the fun of exploration with the practicalities of education. Participants will appreciate the beauty of nature as well as get a feel for authentic Chinese culture and lifestyle by visiting significant historical and cultural sites and interacting with a local family. China's university and learning culture is better understood through visits to famous universities and listening to academic experts.

China Adoption Heritage Tour

china adotion tour

13 Days Guangzhou - Guilin - Xi'an - Beijing

This elaborate tour is designed for you to bring your child back to their motherland of China. You will visit the orphanage where he/she was brought up and the exact spot where he/she was found. You are going to be immersed in China’s ancient history and rich culture. This will be the most educational and enriching experience which your child will cherish forever.