Guilin Attractions

Sights for Guilin Vacations

Li River Cruise / Bamboo rafting / Photography / Karst
Longji Terraced Fields Rice Terrace / Ethnic Villages
Yangti Village Photography / Natural Landscape / Bamboo Raft
Two Rivers and Four Lakes Scenic Spot Landmark / Walking / Light Show
Reed Flute Cave Karst Cave / Natural Landscape
Zhengyang Pedestrian Street Street / Shopping / Local life
Dongxi Xiang Alleys Shopping / Historical
Jingjiang Prince City Royal Residence / Historical Sites
Chuanshan Park City Overview / Photography
Elephant Trunk Hill Landmark / Mountain
Folded Brocade Hill Natural Landscapes / Climbing
Fubo Hill Mountain / Park
Lingqu Canal Water Conservancy Project
Seven Star Park Park / Local Life / Climbing
Ancient Stone City Ancient Town / Historical Architecture
Xianggong Hill Mountain
The Silver Cave Cave / Nature
The Yao Mountain Nature / Mountain
Daxu Ancient Town Ancient Town