Beijing Weather in July

Beijing Weather in July

People are likely to experience the most scorching heat in July. Please take heatstroke prevention seriously on such hot and humid days.

Average Maximum Average Minimum Highest Maximum Lowest Minimum
33 24 36 19
91.4 75.2 96.8 66.2

Sunny Days: 5 Days Cloudy Days: 13 Days Rainy Days: 13 Days

What to wear and bring?

In early July: Various short sleeved clothes, short pants and short skirts that are comfortable and well-ventilated offer many suitable choices. In case of rain showers, please bring along rain gear.

In mid-July: Short sleeved clothes, short pants and short skirts are favorable options. Travel umbrellas and sun hats are worth carrying to avoid sunburn and sun stroke on clear days.

In late July: Apply sunblock cream, use umbrellas and drink more water to prevent heat stroke.

Historical Beijing Weather in July

historical beijing weather in julyclick here to enlarge

Beijing AQI(Air Quality Index) in July

According to the historical Beijing AQI data in 2018

The average AQI for Beijing in July is 79.1, which is considered good. 8 days were evaluated as ‘excellent’, 14 days were ‘good’, and 9 days were ‘lightly polluted’. The air is fresh and healthy for most of the month.

Air Quality Index Value

Where to Go and Travel Tips

July and August are the peak season for tourism in Beijing, as most Chinese schools have summer holidays in July and August. It's hot and rainy in Beijing in July, so umbrellas and sunscreen and enough clothes are necessary. On sunny days, try to reduce outdoor activities from 12:00 to 14:00 when the ultraviolet rays are strong.

Cool places like parks and gardens are good choices. Booking tickets and hotels in advance and choosing niche attractions are ways to get a good experience during peak season. To avoid the hot weather, Chengde Summer Resort is the first choice for this month. As the Double Seventh Festival is in July, the city is full of romance during the festival. Take a walk in Shichahai Scenic Area, there are nice bars and local snacks which will be a great choice for your night life.


Shichahai Scenic Area Popular

As the only open water area in Beijing, it boasts the largest area and is the best preserved historical block in Beijing City. Former residences of celebrities, Hutongs, royal palaces, as well as local snacks can all be found here. Houhai Bar Street is the best choice to experience the night life in Beijing.

July Events, Holidays & Festivals

The CCP’s Birthday

It is the day in memory of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party in 1921 in Shanghai. Beijing is the capital and political center of China. Visiting museums and galleries will tell you why the communist party of China enjoys such high prestige in China.

Double Seventh Festival

In China, the Double Seventh Festival, also called Qiqiao Festival, falls on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month. In ancient times, it was the most romantic occasion in the traditional Chinese festival calendar as Valentine's Day is in western countries. On this day, Beijing is surrounded by a romantic atmosphere. You may want to give your loved one a romantic surprise during your tour.

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