Beijing Weather in August

Beijing Weather in August

August also ranks as having the most sweltering weather, and is possibly the rainiest month for Beijing.

Sunny Days: 7 Days

Cloudy Days: 7 Days

Rainy Days: 17 Days

Average Maximum Average Minimum Highest Maximum Lowest Minimum
35 21 20 19
95 69.8 96.8 68

What to wear and bring?

In early August: Precautions against sunstroke and sunburn as well as insect repellents should be carried while travelling.

In the mid-August: Loose, light-colored clothing that is well-ventilated is a good choice. In case there is a shower of rain during the tour, please bring some rain gear.

In late August: The temperatures for dawn and dusk are pretty low. Light jackets and sun protective clothing can help protect against the strong UV at midday.

Historical Beijing Weather in August

historical beijing weather in augustclick here to enlarge

Beijing AQI(Air Quality Index) in August

According to the historical Beijing AQI data in 2018

The average AQI for Beijing in August is 67.9, which is good for outdoor activities. 11 days were evaluated as ‘excellent’, 15 days were ‘good’, and 5 days were ‘lightly polluted’. Generally speaking, the air is clean this month, especially in the countryside.

Air Quality Index Value

Where to Go and Travel Tips

August is a hot and rainy month, but it is cooler in the mornings and evenings compared with July. August is the peak season for domestic tourism in China due to the summer holidays in Chinese schools. You may find scenic spots crowded with people, and hotels and restaurants are in short supply. For a better experience, it's better to contact your travel consultant earlier so that they can have enough time to prepare for your tour.

You can avoid the hot time in the noon of the day during the tour. In addition to the classic spots that are on everyone's tour list, the Beijing Olympic park is one good choice to add in to your trip because of National Fitness Day in August. Playing with the water in Water Cube on such hot summer days may be lots of fun.


Beijing Olympic park

The Bird’s Nest and the National Aquatics Center (the Water Cube) are located in the Beijing Olympic Park. They are the landmarks for the Beijing Olympics in 2008.

August Events, Holidays & Festivals

Zhongyuan Festival

The Zhongyuan Festival is also called Obon festival, Ghost Festival, or Half of July. Legend has it that onAugust 15th of the lunar calendar, the gates of hell open and ghosts of the underworld are released. Those who have died will return home to be honored by future generations; wandering ghosts roam about, looking for "food". So people hold "food sacrifices", chanting sutras to help these ghosts. Floating River Lantern is a traditional activity in the festival; people believe that the river can communicate with the world of the living and the dead. The lanterns will bring the wishes to the dead.

Army’s Day

This is a day for the People’s Liberation Army to commemorate the communist-led army for the first armed uprising in Chinese communist history against the Nationalists on August 1, 1927. During this festival, the army and ordinary citizens will celebrate together, and some evening parties and lectures will be held.

National Fitness Day

This special day falls on 8 August. On this day, the Beijing sports authorities organize a number of activities to mark China’s National Fitness Day. If you are sports fans, the Beijing Olympic Park is the best place for you at this time. The Bird's Nest and Water Cube in the park were the venues for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

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