Suzhou Weather in January

Suzhou Weather in January

The weather in Suzhou is cold, and the average temperature is between 0℃/32℉ and 6℃/42.8℉. The lowest minimum temperature is -4℃/24.8℉. There are more cloudy days and not much snow.

Average Maximum Average Minimum Highest Maximum Lowest Minimum
6 0 15 -4
42.8 32 59 24.8

Sunny Days: about 5 days
Cloudy Days: about 12 days
Snow Days: about 12 days

What to wear and bring?

In early January
In early January, there are some rainy days, with light to moderate rain. You will want to bring rain gear to go out. The temperature can be from -3℃/26.6℉ to 13℃/55.4℉. It is recommended that you wear warm clothing such as woolen clothes, padded winter coats, leather jackets, down jackets, and fur coats.
It can be warmer on New Year's day, with a maximum temperature of 11℃/51.8℉, and a minimum temperature of 4℃/30.2℉. On this cloudy day, you just need to wear a long sleeved shirt, with a down jacket, thick pants and shoes with soft soles.

In mid-January
The middle period of this month is relatively warm, the days are mostly cloudy and there are some sunny days. While the highest maximum temperature is 15℃/59℉, you should wear thick pants, shoes with soft soles, a long sleeved shirt with a down jacket.

In late January
Compared to mid-January, the minimum temperature goes down to -4℃/24.8℉, and it is especially important to keep warm. So it is suggested that you wear warm clothing such as cotton-padded clothes, a winter coat, a down jacket or a fur coat. You will also need to wear woolen gloves and a felt or knitted hat. It might rain, so you’d better take an umbrella.

Historical Weather in January

historical weather in januaryclick here to enlarge
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