Suzhou Weather

Suzhou Weather

Suzhou enjoys a northern subtropical maritime monsoon climate, characterized by four distinct seasons, plenty of rainfall and adequate sunshine. The average temperature stays between 5 and 17℃ (59-62.6℉). There is a long frost-free period. The air is usually humid. The temperature differences between day and night are large in the spring and fall (autumn) times.

4-Day Suzhou Weather Forecast

Day Night Description Temperature

Suzhou Average Climate by Month

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
High (℃) 10 11 15 22 27 28 35 32 27 19 14 9
High(℉) 50 51.8 59 71.6 80.6 82.4 95 89.6 80.6 66.2 57.2 48.2
Low (℃) 4 3 7 13 18 21 27 26 18 8 5 3
Low(℉) 39.2 37.4 44.6 55.4 64.4 69.8 80.6 78.8 64.4 46.4 41 37.4
Rain (mm) 50 59 61 96 155 74 139 141 110 30 40 37


spring in suzhou

Weather: Spring comes to Suzhou in the middle of March. The big temperature differences between day and night, the erratic weather and the frequent visits of cold and warm air may lead to thunder, hail and torrential rains. Clothing: In the changeable weather, tourists have to put on winter jackets in the morning and evening and keep only long-sleeves or thin knitwear in the noon when the temperature picks up.

Clothing: In the changeable weather, tourists have to put on winter jackets in the morning and evening and keep only long-sleeves or thin knitwear in the noon when the temperature picks up.

Things to do: Waterside towns such as Tongli Town and Zhouzhuang Town all feature the Jiangnan Region picturesque landscape, and ink and wash painting, for those who are interested.


summer in suzhou

Weather: The Meiyu rainy season begins in Suzhou in the middle of June. Torrential rains with thunder and gale force winds may occur from time to time. Tourists can feel the high humidity and heat in July. As the sunlight is extremely strong, the temperature can go up to 40 ℃ (104°F).

Clothing: In the early summer, it rains a lot. People usually bring a thin jacket with them. In the midsummer, breathable thin clothes and all the sun block measures such as sunshades, masks, scarves and sunbonnets are recommended.

Things to do: Travelers can go to Suzhou Museum, pay a night visit To The Master of the Nets Garden (Wang Shi Yuan) or take a tour in Suzhou Gardens to experience the local culture.



Weather: The temperature in September remains high. Please take measures to prevent heatstroke. The torrential rains and thunderstorms happen in the middle of October as the warm and cold air take it in turns to visit Suzhou. It can be very moist and humid. After that, people will enjoy a period of the invigorating fall climate.

Clothing: Summer clothes such as short-sleeves are suitable for the early fall. When it gets chilly in autumn, long-sleeved T-shirts or thin jackets help to deal with the huge temperature differences between day and night.

Things to do: When the sweet-scented Osmanthus is in full bloom, it is the golden time for tourists to come. Dotted with the colorful maple and ginkgo leaves, the Humble Administrator's Garden (Zhuo Zheng Yuan) is quiet and beautiful. It is also the time for devouring Chinese mitten crabs (Dazhaxie crab).


winter in suzhou

Weather: The temperature drops in the middle of November. Sleet and light, moderate snow can visit Suzhou. The temperature is freezing cold in the evening. It is both wet and cold.

Clothing: Woolen sweaters, thermal trousers and pants, woolen coats, down-filled jackets, wadded clothes, etc., will fend off the cold.

Things to do: It is a great treat for tourists to visit Zhouzhuang in the winter. Zhouzhuang Town, which features the ancient temperament of Jiangnan Region, is an outstanding masterpiece. Tiger Hill Pagoda (Huqiu Ta, northwestern corner of Suzhou) offers a great view of the surroundings.

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