Year of the Sheep | Goat

Year of the Sheep | Goat

The Sheep, with its strong forehead and horns, represents strength and fortitude. People born in the year of the Sheep are often likable and socially gracious although somewhat reserved. They are also caring, sympathetic, patient individuals. They can bear immense pressure and yet remain sturdy and steadfast. They are characteristically hard workers, who go on accomplishing more than what is required of them. Often, they will remain in the background, reluctant to draw attention to themselves. These qualities make them excellent team members. They can sometimes be fairly assertive and confident, and yet at other times feel somewhat timid. Sheep have a gift for appreciating art, nature, and culture, and they have an artistic or creative side as well.

The Story of the Sheep

Not long after the Horse and Snake crossed the finish line, the Sheep, Monkey, and Rooster were spotted crossing the river in a raft. The quick-thinking, ingenious Monkey had spotted a raft laying in tall weeds by the river bank as he made his way through the trees. He couldn’t get the heavy raft into the water by himself so the sturdy Sheep, who was close behind the Monkey in the race, helped push the raft with his head as the Monkey pulled it. Once in the water, both jumped in and were about to cast off from the shore when the Rooster came running through the trees shouting for them to wait. The Monkey and Sheep felt bad for the Rooster because he couldn’t fly and had no feasible way of crossing the river. So, they let him in the raft and the three crossed the river together, with the Monkey using a long stick he had found to help guide the raft. Once on the other side, the Monkey couldn’t get the raft ashore because the current was too strong so the Sheep jumped in the water and pushed the raft will all his might. The Emperor was so impressed with how well they worked together, and so awestruck by the Sheep’s selfless action at the end, that he promptly named the Sheep as the eighth finisher, the Monkey as the ninth, and the Rooster as the tenth.

Years and types

There are five elements that give the Sheep specific characteristics and personality traits beyond its symbol of wealth. The most recent years of the Sheep include 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015. After 2019, the next two years we will be 2027 and 2039.

Types Years of Birth Characteristics and Personality Traits
Wood Sheep 1955, 2015 Generous, positive attitude and outlook, supportive.
Fire Sheep 1967, 2027 Ambitious, courageous, confident.
Earth Sheep 1979, 2039 Cautious, reserved, hard working.
Metal Sheep 1931, 1991 Opinionated, idealistic, systematic, believes in justice.
Water Sheep 1943, 2003 Kind-hearted, dependable, loyal, generous.

Famous people born in the year of the Sheep

In Western Countries

Johannes Kepler (born Dec 27, 1571) was a German astronomer, mathematician, and astrologer. He was a key figure in the 17th-century Scientific Revolution. Honore Balzac (born May 20, 1799) was a French novelist and playwright. He is regarded as one of the founders of realism in European literature. Other celebrities born in the year of the sheep include the founder of Microsoft Corporation Bill Gates (born Oct 28, 1955), Australian and American actress and producer Nicole Kidman (born June 20, 1967), former professional Italian footballer Andrea Pirlo (born May 19, 1979), and English singer, guitarist Ed Sheeran (born Feb 17, 1991).

In China

Ouyang Xiu (born Aug 1, 1007) was a Chinese scholar, official, essayist, historian, poet, calligrapher, and the epigrapher of the Song Dynasty.

Cao Xueqin (born 1715) was a Chinese writer during the Qing dynasty. He is best known as the author of “Dream of the Red Chamber”, one of the four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature.

Hu Xueyan (born 1823) was a notable businessman in China during the latter Qing dynasty. He was active in banking, real estate, shipping, and Chinese medicine. He was also the founder of Hu Qing Yu Tang Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Lin Yutang (born Oct 10, 1895) was a renowned Hokkien Chinese writer, translator, linguist, philosopher, and inventor. His informal, but polished, style in both Chinese and English made him one of the most influential writers of his generation.

Shao Yifu (born 1907) was a Hong Kong entertainment mogul and philanthropist. He was one of the most influential figures in the Asian entertainment industry. He founded the Shaw Brother Studio, one of the largest film production companies in Hong Kong.

Li Keqiang (born July 1, 1955) is a Chinese politician who is the current Premier of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China.

Mo Yan (born Feb 17, 1955) is a Chinese novelist and short story writer. In 2012, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature for his work as a writer “who with hallucinatory realism merges folk tales, history and contemporary”

Joey Wong (born Jan 31, 1967) is a Hong Kong based Taiwanese-born actress. She is one of the most legendary movie stars of Chinese cinema and a timeless beauty icon widely regarded as the ‘Goddess of the East’.

Zhang Ziyi (born Feb 9, 1979) is a Chinese actress and model. She is best known in the west for her roles in the movies “Rush Hour”, “Hero”, and “House of Flying Dagger”.

Personality Traits and Character

Positive personality traits

lovely sheeps

Considerate, hardworking, persistent, creative, imaginative, thrifty, shy, stable, sympathetic, compassionate, calm, caring, easygoing, polite, determined.
One of the most likable signs of the Chinese zodiac, the Sheep is calm, gentle, caring, and selfless. Sheep are very compassionate, empathetic, and sensitive to other people’s feelings – they are able to forgive, be understanding of other people's faults, help when asked, and take care of others in need. They are also polite, creative, and artistic. Being both free-spirited and honest, you can trust what they say about something or someone will not be far off from the truth. When it comes to dealing with problems, they are not impulsive, and instead considerate and cautious. They prefer a peaceful and quiet life and try hard to avoid conflicts. Sheep are assertive but not dominant and tend to complete what others leave undone. They make great coworkers and superior friends.

Negative personality traits

Naive, weak-willed, overly anxious, pessimistic, timid, indecisive, short-sighted, fastidious, overly suspectable to pain and illness.
Sheep usually try to void being the center of attention and instead prefer to observe from the sidelines. They can be pessimistic, indecisive, insecure, and easily influenced by others. Because they may lack self-confidence, they are more vulnerable to being taken advantage of. In fact, their gentle nature can often cause them grief and disappointment. When stressed, they can be moody and appear weak as they tend to complain more than usual when in discomfort.

Exclusive Travel Destinations for the Sheep

Your passion makes you want to explore and discover the essences of a city. Guangzhou, has a nickname "The City of Five Rams", and you may have a good time in this city. Sheep people are inclined to be tender, making Suzhou a historically rich destination and an elegant place to escape from the busyness of the modern world. If you are interested, please check the Exclusive Travel Destinations for Chinese 12 Zodiac to know more details.

Love and Compatibility

Sheep people tend to fall in love more easily than most and sometimes they can develop affection for more than one person at a time. They're very kind-hearted, giving, and family-oriented. Sheep can make great lovers who will work hard to please their partners. They're lovable, wonderful people to be around and begin a relationship with; however, they can often be overly sensitive and emotional, in constant need of reassurance or affection – some may even say, “clingy”. Because they're often shy, it can be hard to get them to open up. Sheep need a partner who is attentive, supportive, reassuring, and who can help them develop more self-confidence.


For Men

Sheep men may fall in love many times, or date many women, before deciding to settle down. Many may come across as picky or somewhat critical when trying to find their ideal partner, but this doesn’t necessarily mean something negative as their kind nature drives them to please, and not disappoint, others. It may seem easy to make a Sheep man fall in love because they are so giving, they will come across as enamored – even if they truly aren’t. Their timidness often masks their true feelings, and if they don’t find the right person, a Sheep man will tend to stay single.

For Women

Sentimental and romantic, never forget your anniversary with this woman! To keep her happy, bring her flowers for all important occasions, and occasionally just as a surprise and she will be the ideal partner. Sheep women normally keep a well-ordered and clean household and make very caring, supportive mothers. Most Sheep women tend to be traditional and therefore look for, and expect, a traditional relationship with their partner.

Best Matches: Rabbit, Horse, Pig

1. Sheep and Rabbit

The Sheep and the Rabbit are very compatible and sensitive to each other's needs. The Rabbit likes the fact that the Sheep is kind and selfless, and they both value order, peace, and harmony. Both are romantic and affectionate, so they won’t have any problems keeping each other happy. They usually form a strong emotional bond and have similar interests in life.

2. Sheep and Horse

The Sheep and the Horse enjoy many of the same things and despite their small differences in personality, they make good romantic partners. Both are caring, giving, and loving towards people they care about. The Sheep is understanding and happy to give the Horse the space he/she needs and the Horse will protect and provide for the Sheep.

3. Sheep and Pig

The Sheep and the Pig both enjoy a peaceful home life, and are caring, generous, and devoted people. The Pig will admire the Sheep's creative intelligence and unique mind, while the Sheep will love the Pig for its generosity and emotional support. Both are very compassionate, understanding, and quick to forgive.

Worst Matches: Tiger, Rooster and Ox

1. Sheep and Tiger

The Sheep and the Tiger are not romantically compatible because their personalities and priorities in life are too different. The Sheep is looking for emotional security and attention, while the Tiger enjoys more freedom and prefers less emotional complexities in a relationship. The Sheep may seem too needy for the Tiger and the Tiger may be too adventurous for the anxious Sheep.

2. Sheep and Rooster

The kind-hearted, gentle, and diplomatic Sheep finds the Rooster too straightforward, while the Rooster finds it really hard to be with someone so sensitive. They both are honest and dependable people, but they have very different approaches to life. There will not be enough emotional attraction here to make a long-lasting relationship and what might start out as romance, can turn into disgust before long.

3. Sheep and Ox

The Sheep can be insecure and shy, while the Ox is usually strong and protective, and will have high expectations of the Sheep. Even though they both love their home and family, they have too many differences in personality traits. The Ox is more practical and the Sheep is more emotional, so even small decisions can often lead to conflicts.

Lucky and Unlucky Things

Lucky Unlucky
1. Numbers Three, four and nine Six, seven and eight
2. Colors Green, red and purple Glod and brown
3. Flowers Carnation, Primrose, Alice Flower No unlucky flowers
4. Directions East, southeast and south No unlucky directions
5. Element Earth No unlucky element
6. Season Summer No unlucky season
7. Gemstone Emerald No unlucky gemstone

Career and Health Outlook


various of careers

Sheep are very creative, imaginative, intelligent, and artistic. They are not well suited to desk jobs or highly competitive jobs. Instead, they usually prefer a job that allows them to express their creativity. Sheep need to be led by someone strong who knows how to bring out their talents, therefore they should avoid jobs where they need to work alone or in isolation. They are good inventors and can make money with innovative ideas. They are also good at managing their finances.
Good career choices include: musician, actor, dancer, florist, painter, scientist, programmer, philosopher, doctor, nurse, teacher, researcher, hair stylist, park ranger, emergency relief work, librarian, designer.


While Sheep are usually calm and reserved, they also tend to be anxious and worry far more than necessary. This often leads to problems with stress, or worse, cancer. High blood pressure, strokes, heart attacks are all possible risks for Sheep and the best way to protect themselves is too keep occupied with activities, spend time around loved ones who can offer emotional support, and perhaps speak with a mental health professional.

cartoon sheep

Sheep|Goat Horoscope in 2024

2024 Overall: 4/5 stars

In 2024, there will be significant challenges in both career and investments. It is crucial not to lose composure; maintaining a stable mindset is the key to good fortune.

Career: 3/5 stars

Expect some resistance in 2024, especially with competitors potentially surpassing you and impacting your performance. Instead of dwelling on past achievements, seek out new clients and resources. This sincere approach may earn you the appreciation of influential individuals, paving the way for a brilliant end to the year.

Wealth: 5/5 stars

Financially, there's stability with the prospect of recognition, potentially resulting in substantial bonuses. If you're in a business role, consider personally visiting clients to unlock boundless financial opportunities.

Love: 3/5 stars

On the romantic front in 2024, allocate more time for self-care without unnecessary worries. If you're in a relationship, brace for potential conflicts, and proactively embrace your partner to mend relationships and enhance sweetness.

Health: 4/5 stars

Regarding health, pay special attention to hormonal balance in 2024, focusing on adjusting your daily routine and controlling your diet.

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