People born in the Year of the Dragon possess a charismatic aura, overflowing with energy, highly intelligent, and generally very successful. Dragons are usually gifted, talented people who use their abilities to become powerful in their corner of the world. They make strong, decisive leaders who work tirelessly for success. Their perfectionism makes them demanding of others, just as they are of themselves. Occasionally, they may seem loud and boisterous and they don’t like following others, or rules, as they believe rules don’t always pertain to them. Dragons generally enjoy challenging situations that give them the opportunity to show off their innate talents and skills. Although committed relationships are not of the utmost important to them, they sincerely look for a partner with whom they can comfortably share life’s journey.

The Story

The Dragon arrived next, making it 5th in the race. Of course, with its gift of flight, it was strange that it had not come in first, but the Dragon explained to the Jade Emperor that he had to stop and make rain for the people in the kingdom by scooping up the river water and blowing it all over the land. Then, on his way to the finish line, he saw a little helpless Rabbit clinging onto a log so he swooped down and blew a big puff of air so the poor Rabbit wouldn’t be pulled into the river and could get ashore. After helping the lucky Rabbit get out of the river, the dragon continued toward the finish line, crossing in 5th place.

Years and types

There are five elements that give the Dragon specific characteristics and personality traits beyond its symbol of wealth. The most recent years of the Dragon include 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012. After 2019, the next two years we will be 2024 and 2036.

Types Years of Birth Characteristics and Personality Traits
Wood Dragon 1964, 2024 Peace loving, fashionable, quick thinking, decisive.
Fire Dragon 1976, 2036 Warm-hearted, helpful, powerful, lucky.
Earth Dragon 1928, 1988 Hard-working, meticulous, ambitious.
Metal Dragon 1940, 2000 Brave, direct, confident, opinionated.
Water Dragon 1952, 2012 Kind-hearted, ambitious, strong, loves challenges.

Famous people born in the year of the Dragon

In Western Countries

Bruce Forsyth (born Feb 22, 1928) was a British presenter, actor, comedian, singer, dancer, and screenwriter whose career spanned more than 70 years. Louis Walsh (born Aug 5, 1952) is an Irish entertainment manager. Other celebrities born in the year of the dragon includes Boris Johnson (born July 19, 1964), actor Benedict Cumberbatch (born July, 19, 1976), singer Adele (born May 5, 1988).

In China

Pu Songling (born June 5, 1640) was a writer during the Qing dynasty best known as the author of “Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio” (Liaozhai zhiyi).

Deng Xiaoping (born Aug 22, 1904) was a very famous and important Chinese politician who was the paramount leader of the People’s Republic of China from 1978 until his retirement in 1989. After Chairman Mao Zedong, Deng led China through far-reaching market-economy reforms.

Hong Yi (born Oct 23, 1880), also known as Li Shutong, was a Chinese Buddhist monk, artist, and art teacher. He was a master painter, musician, dramatist, and calligrapher.

Chen Kaige (born Aug 12, 1952) is a Chinese film director and leading figure of the fifth generation of Chinese cinema. His films are known for their visual flair and epic storytelling.

Zhang Zhaozhong (born 1952) is a Chinese military theorist at PLA National Defense University. He holds the rank of rear admiral in the People’s Liberation Army Navy.

Jackson Yee (Yi Yangqianxi, born Nov 28, 2000) is a Chinese singer, dancer, and actor. He represented China at the 2019 ECOSOC Youth Forum.

Personality Traits and Character

Positive personality traits

a dragon

Courageous, tenacious, confident, successful, decisive, inspiring, imaginative, ambitious, energetic, romantic, exciting, warm-hearted
Among all Chinese zodiac animals, the Dragon is the only imaginary animal and the mightiest of all signs. In ancient times, Chinese people believed that Dragons were able to control everyone and everything with their dominance and ambition. Dragons are natural born leaders - enthusiastic, confident, courageous, talented and highly intelligent individuals who are not afraid of challenges. They are ambitious and passionate people who prefer to live by their own rules and are willing to take risks. Dragons are self-reliant, independent, and determined people who excel in all that they set their minds to. Even when they fail, they are rarely blamed, as their personalities evoke so much respect and admiration that people often look elsewhere to assign blame. They can also be incredibly helpful and enjoy making positive changes for humanity.

Negative personality traits

an angry dragon

Demanding, undiplomatic, short-tempered, unrealistic, eccentric, fiery, intolerant, impatient Dragons are sometimes regarded as aggressive, irritable, and not open to criticism. They can be stubborn, impatient, and somewhat intolerant of opinions they disagree with. Dragons can be overly direct and undiplomatic making others feel somewhat disrespected. They also find it difficult to open up and trust other people, but once they do, they’ll be a loyal friend for life. Even through Dragons enjoy helping others, they will rarely ask for help themselves.

Exclusive Travel Destinations for the Dragon

You will appreciate touring some places with an atmosphere of profound history and splendid culture. So, send yourself to your spiritual paradise – Beijing, and an alternative getaway is Xi’an. You can learn about history and traditional architecture by visiting. If you are interested, please check the Exclusive Travel Destinations for Chinese 12 Zodiac to know more details.

Love and Compatibility

Dragons are great conversationalists, warm-hearted, and generous to their loved ones. They value friendships, family, and relationships as an essential part of a healthy and happy life. While finding the love of their life isn’t the most important goal, they will search hard to find that special person. They can, however, be hesitant to move forward in a relationship and possibly unwilling to make a permanent commitment as they don’t like to give up their independence and have high standards. They usually seek a partner who gives them ample amount of space and respect, yet is romantic and passionate. They can have quick tempers, so their partners also need to be thick-skinned. However, when they do commit, they commit to that person for life. Some Dragons are happier alone, while others love to be surrounded by admirers.

lovers are walking

For Men
Dragon men generally enjoy taking their time before committing for life with one person. They can sometimes date for many years before they find the person they want to marry -- and sometimes they decide to never marry. They can normally attract many love interests because of their power and charm and their perfectionist nature can make it difficult for them to find someone with whom they feel comfortable committing.

For Women
Dragon women are charming, often physically attractive, and enjoy flirting and socializing. Their high confidence and strong self-esteem mean they are generally not jealous and don’t tolerate jealous lovers. When they find a great partner, they will often not be public about the relationship until they feel that it will last long term. A Dragon woman looks for a partner who understands her and is not intimidated by her power.

Best Matches: Rat, Monkey, Pig

1. Dragon and Rat

These two signs work well together because they allow each other to maintain their independence and freedom. They are both self-confident and therefore find it easier to trust each other. This powerful couple loves being the center of attention. The Dragon is attracted by the Rat's positive attitude and will be grateful for their loyalty and support. The Rat is active, lively, outgoing, and doesn’t have a problem letting the mighty Dragon take on the dominant role in their relationship.

2. Dragon and Monkey

The Dragon and the Monkey know how to respect and cherish each other and both are willing to work hard for a long-lasting and successful relationship. The Dragon is attracted to the Monkey's charisma, while the Monkey admires the Dragon's amazing leadership skills. Both signs are ambitious, understanding, and practical making them a great couple.

3. Dragon and Pig

The Dragon and the Pig have mostly opposing personalities, but they still share a high degree of romantic potential as their difference complement each other. Both partners are able to be accepting and understanding in a long term relationship. The Pig will admire the Dragon's ambition and will patiently endure the Dragon's shortcomings. The Dragon will appreciate the support and hard work from the Pig.

Worst Matches: Ox, Dog, Sheep

1. Dragon and Ox

The Dragon likes to be the center of attention and be surrounded by friends, while the Ox enjoys spending more time alone. Both signs can be stubborn and have strong characters, so compromise is not easy. Conflicts often arise and neither wants to back down. The Ox can find the Dragon too overbearing and the Dragon will not be able to tolerate the jealous nature of the Ox.

2. Dragon and Dog

This relationship has a high probability of having frequent arguments because of their different personalities. Mostly, the Dragon loves more freedom and independence, but the Dog likes attention and can be prone to jealousy – which the Dragon will not like. The Dog’s loyalty will certainly be appreciated by the Dragon, but the Dragon is often too adventurous for the more down-to-earth Dog who enjoys the comforts of home. The Dragon may also feel the Dog is holding it back from achieving its full potential.

3. Dragon and Sheep

The relationship is dominated by the aggressive Dragon, while the more emotional Sheep needs a lot of time alone for introspection. Also, the Sheep can be prone to jealousy – which the Dragon will not like. Even though the Dragon is attracted to the Sheep's honesty and loyalty, he/she may find the Sheep too lacking in ambition. The Sheep will not like the Dragon’s lack of predictability.

Lucky and Unlucky Things

Lucky Unlucky
1. Numbers One, six and seven Nine, eight and three
2. Colors Gold, silver, gray and yellow Puiple, green, red and black
3. Flowers Bleeding Heart Vine, Larkspur, Hyacinth No unlucky flowers
4. Directions North, west and northwest No unlucky directions
5. Element Earth No unlucky element
6. Season Spring No unlucky season
7. Gemstone Amethyst No unlucky gemstone

Career and Health Outlook



Dragons are born leaders with unique perspectives who are committed, hard-working, energetic, and intelligent. Dragons are success-driven individuals who can be too hard on themselves, so they have to properly balance work and relaxation. They fight for the things they believe in, whether it’s for good or bad. Dragons like to embrace challenges and are willing to take risks, so professions that are difficult and come with a lot of responsibilities are great choices. Dragons rarely can last long in small-time jobs. Good career choices: politician, executive, manager, small business owner, police, military, computer analyst, inventor, engineer, lawyer, journalist, and sales person.


riding bycle

Dragons are full of energy and generally quite healthy. Due to their hard working nature, they can feel overwhelmed or stressed. Dragons are naturally more likely to take risks than other signs, so they're more prone to physical injuries. They could benefit from incorporating moderate physical activity into their lives (brisk walking, yoga, jogging, cycling, and swimming). Eating a healthy and balanced diet, drinking less caffeine and more water, and getting plenty of sleep can help lessen stress and tension headaches.

2020 Dragon Horoscope

2020 Overall: 4/5 stars

The Dragon horoscope: 2020 predicts that the year will be a fabulous one, even in astrology, with some unlucky star influences, but on the whole, this year promises to be wonderful. You will get help from the people around you. Keep your mind clear and make good use of the good luck and find opportunities to make your life colorful.

Career: 5/5 stars

It is unnecessary to worry about your career this year. You may be extremely busy, but your hard work and endeavors will ensure you achieve what you set out to do. Keep good communications and get along more with your colleagues, and they will help you to improve your career.

Wealth: 5/5 stars

Astrological indicators show there will be prosperity this year, as you have great conditions to improve your wealth. Balance your income and expenditure and try to save. Remember: any greed will lead to disaster.

Love: 4/5 stars

The forecast for love for the Dragons indicates they will be blessed in love relationships. If you are single, you may be given chances by elders or married friends’ introductions to start a good relationship. For the Dragons who are married or in a relationship, it is suggested that you be considerate in order to maintain a stable relationship.

Health: 3/5 stars

Your health shows to be in an average condition. Keeping a food diary and working out will make sure your life is healthy. Manage your stress and don’t forget to have some good relaxation.

2020 Monthly Horoscope

a flying dragpn

1. January will be a little difficult, beware of making any mistakes and being negligent.

2. February is a general month. Be compatible with others at work. As for love, don’t be irritable which will affect your mood and work.

3. March will be good luck, but you need to pay attention to changes in your life.

4. April is a month with ups and downs that will require you to be cautious.

5. May is the period to be patient and analyze all situations.

6. June will be a smooth month, and you can take advantage of it in your work.

7. July will be a lucky month, and you can look for help from others.

8. August requires that you work hard, and alternate work with rest in your busy life.

9. September needs you to take a conservative approach and to be composed.

10. October will have some obstacles, and you will make good friends.

11. November should be a good month, your wealth will be fine.

12. December will have sufficient income from your hard work, and you will be blessed in love. Don’t get involved in disputes.

By Eric M. Meyer
Senior Editor