The Rooster is known for being very diligent when it comes to work and has a natural ease in expressing their opinions. They are incredibly responsible and always see their projects through to the end. They’re renowned for their punctuality and meticulous attention to detail. Roosters are tenacious, sometimes defiant, and insightful. They have a unique strength of perseverance and vision, always knowing what they want. They are persuasive talkers and excellent at dissuading people. They see their opinions, and their right to share them, as essential to their, and others’, success. They often come across as attention-grabbing and are successful at gaining the attention they so dearly love. Despite their sometimes frustrating meticulous standards, they have many friends and are very loyal and genuine in their relationships. They also tend to achieve great success in their chosen careers because of their high standards. They enjoy singing and music, and often tend to be very creative. Not surprisingly, Roosters are morning people – early to bed, and early to rise.

The Story

Not long after the Horse and Snake crossed the finish line, the Sheep, Monkey, and Rooster were spotted crossing the river in a raft. The quick-thinking, ingenious Monkey had spotted a raft laying in tall weeds by the river bank as he made his way through the trees. He couldn’t get the heavy raft into the water by himself so the sturdy Sheep, who was close behind the Monkey in the race, helped push the raft with his head as the Monkey pulled it. Once in the water, both jumped in and were about to cast off from the shore when the Rooster came running through the trees shouting for them to wait. The Monkey and Sheep felt bad for the Rooster because he couldn’t fly and had no feasible way of crossing the river. So, they let him in the raft and the three crossed the river together, with the Monkey using a long stick he had found to help guide the raft. Once on the other side, the Monkey couldn’t get the raft ashore because the current was too strong so the Sheep jumped in the water and pushed the raft will all his might. The Emperor was so impressed with how well they worked together, and so awestruck by the Sheep’s selfless action at the end, that he promptly named the Sheep as the eighth finisher, the Monkey as the ninth, and the Rooster as the tenth.

Years and types

There are five elements that give the Rooster specific characteristics and personality traits beyond its symbol of wealth. The most recent years of the Rooster include 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017. After 2019, the next two years we will be 2029 and 2041.

Types Years of Birth Characteristics and Personality Traits
Wood Rooster 1945, 2005 Kind-hearted, enthusiastic, friendly, energetic.
Fire Rooster 1957, 2017 Outgoing, hard-worker, adventurous.
Earth Rooster 1969, 2029 Conservative, honest.
Metal Rooster 1921, 1981, 2041 Highly principled, meticulous, tenacious.
Water Rooster 1933, 1993 Ambitious, frank, self-confident, adventurous.

Famous people born in the year of the Rooster

In Western Countries

Sir Francis Bacon (born Jan 22, 1561) was an English philosopher and statesman. He is credited with developing the scientific method and remained influential throughout the Scientific Revolution. Wilhelm Wagner (born May 22, 1813) was a German composer, theater director, polemicist, and orchestral conductor who is chiefly known for his operas. Other celebrities born in the year of the rooster include American actress Jennifer Aniston (born Feb, 11, 1969), American singer Beyonce (born Sept 4, 1981), and Irish singer Niall Horan (born Sept 13, 1993).

In China

Wang Anshi (born Dec 8, 1021) was a Chinese economist and poet of the Song Dynasty who attempted major and controversial socioeconomic reforms known as the New Policies.

Huang Tingjian (born 1045) was a Chinese artist, scholar, government official, and poet of the Song Dynasty. He is predominantly known as a calligrapher and is also admired for his painting and poetry.

Zhan Tianyou (born Apr 26, 1861) was a pioneering Chinese railroad engineer. Educated in the United States, he was the chief engineer responsible for the construction of the Peking–Kalgan Railway, the first railway constructed in China without foreign assistance.

Xu Zhimo (born Jan 15, 1897) was an early 20th-century romantic Chinese poet who attempted to loosen Chinese poetry from its traditional form and reshape it using influences of Western Poetry and vernacular Chinese language. Xu wrote the celebrated poem “Second Farewell to Cambridge” in 1928.

Gao Xiaosong (born Nov 14, 1969) is a Chinese-language composer, songwriter, music producer, director, and “Campus Folk” representative.

Faye Wang (born Aug 8, 1969) is a Chinese singer-songwriter and actress often referred to as the “the Diva”.

Lei Jun (born Dec. 16, 1969) is a Chinese billionaire entrepreneur who founded Xiaomi Inc, one of the largest mobile phone makers in the world.

Personality Traits and Character

Positive personality traits

cute rooster

Strong, brave, honorable, independent, self-confident, quick-thinking, energetic, honest, hard-working, punctual, neat, organized, respectable, witty, intelligent, loyal, kind-hearted. People born under the Rooster zodiac sign are talented, smart, capable, and responsible workers who can achieve whatever they set their minds to. They're fun, energetic, and honest individuals who usually have a high sense of moral integrity making them well respected by those around them even if they aren’t the most popular. They always have loyal and supportive friends. They set extremely high standards and expect others to live up to them. They’re dedicated and responsible almost to a fault as they have trouble letting go of something which they feel is right or just.

Negative personality traits

roosters are in the tree

Pushy, arrogant, bossy, insecure, critical, impatient, narrow-minded, inflexible.
Roosters are perfectionists with grand ideals and high expectations of themselves and others so many times, they can be overly critical, arrogant, and even offensive at times. They're often bossy and they must always have the last word. Because they set high expectations, they can become easily impatient if other people cannot match up to their ideals. They can become conflict prone when they feel they are not getting the respect they deserve. They are often inflexible, or even narrow-minded, with their beliefs and can sometimes lean towards fanaticism.

Exclusive Travel Destinations for the Roost

The Rooster represents fidelity and punctuality, for it wakes people up on time. People born in the year of the Rooster are beautiful, brave, independent and confident. Your pride makes you crave making bold attempts. You can explore Huangshan City. If you are interested, please check the Exclusive Travel Destinations for Chinese 12 Zodiac to know more details.

Love and Compatibility

Roosters are loyal and thoughtful partners and devoted friends who always keep their promises. Sensitive people may find it hard to get along well with them because Roosters tend to be blunt and at times even brag about themselves and their accomplishments. They're also bossy and extremely straight-forward, so they need a partner who is thick-skinned. However, beneath a Rooster's tough exterior, there is a big, caring heart full of love.


For Men
Although the Rooster has few close male friends, he easily attracts many females who are attracted by his talents, confidence, and strength (the same qualities that may chase away other men). If you love a Rooster man, he’ll always be there for you – his word is his bond. He may not be the most romantic partner, but you can trust a Rooster and when he does something, he always does it well. He also has high standards and can demand a lot from his partner. Roosters want to find someone who will help take care of them and be honest with them. They want to be proud of their partner – usually someone who keeps up his/her appearance and works to remain young-looking and beautiful.
For Women
The female Rooster can seem somewhat more aggressive than other signs which may be troubling for some. In fact, she is usually a more assertive person and has high standards. She will wait until she finds someone who can match those standards. Her directness can be taken as uncaring, but she merely tries to be efficient and cut out unnecessary words or feelings – preferring instead to get to the point and fix, or draw attention to, whatever problems arise. She makes a very loyal partner and great mother.

Best Matches: Ox, Snake, Pig

1. Rooster and Ox

The Rooster and the Ox share many common traits and priorities in life, such as the love of home and domestic pleasures. Both signs are analytical and methodical so they usually like things that stimulate their intellect. The Rooster and the Ox are hard-working, practical, and good financial planners who focus on the long-term. Their traits complement each other well while they have few negative compatibility issues to overcome.

2. Rooster and Snake

The Rooster and the Snake have a strong physical, mental, and spiritual affinity for each other and share the same dreams of financial security and influence. Both signs are hard-working and determined to achieve their personal goals. The Snake is an efficient provider; patient and cool-headed, while the Rooster is an excellent decision maker; decisive and strong. They Snake is not bothered by the Rooster’s frankness and the Rooster appreciates the Snake’s efficiency.

3. Rooster and Pig

Even though the Rooster and the Pig are very different, they still make a great pair. The Pig is diplomatic, compassionate, and peace-loving, while the Rooster is frank, straightforward, and confident. The Pig loves the Rooster’s clear vision in life and confidence, while the Rooster loves the Pig’s support. The Pig can create a warm and harmonious relationship, while the Rooster can offer practical assistance and financial stability.

Worst Matches: Sheep, Horse, Rabbit

1. Rooster and Sheep

The Rooster and the Sheep are not very compatible because they have a low tolerance level for each other’s negative traits. The Sheep is kind and considerate and willing help almost anyone, while the Rooster likes to analyze things and help only close friends and relatives. The Rooster's bluntness and high standards can intimidate the more sensitive Sheep.

2. Rooster and Horse

The Rooster and the Horse have too many differences in their personalities. The Horse is a carefree soul who doesn't like being too constrained and might find the meticulous Rooster rather suffocating. The Rooster will try to control the Horse and be constantly critical of the Horse’s shortcomings. The Horse will want the Rooster to relax and take things easy, which the Rooster will have difficulty doing.

3. Rooster and Rabbit

The Rooster and the Rabbit are very different and can make life uncomfortable for each other. The Rooster is a perfectionist and quite direct, while the Rabbit is an easy-going and more passive person who needs reassurance and praise – something the Rooster will not be able to do unless the Rabbit shows dedication to high standards. The Rooster is proud and somewhat demanding while the Rabbit is sensitive and vulnerable.

Lucky and Unlucky Things

Lucky Unlucky
1. Numbers Five, seven and eight One, three and nine
2. Colors Gold, brown and yellow White and green
3. Flowers Gladiola, Impatiens, Cockscomb No unlucky flowers
4. Directions West, southwest and northeast No unlucky directions
5. Element Metal No unlucky element
6. Season Autumn No unlucky season
7. Gemstone Citrine No unlucky gemstone

Career and Health Outlook


Roosters are capable, determined, highly motivated, and hard-working individuals with a high sense of moral integrity. Even though they can be domineering and bossy, they have the amazing ability to fix problems and achieve success where others have failed. They're organized, observant, tenacious, and not afraid of challenges. They set such high standards and have such meticulous attention to detail that they often raise the quality of work wherever they go. They can make lazy people productive – either using the easy way, or the hard way. They constantly strive for perfection which makes them great leaders and community protectors. Good career choices: police officer, politician, manager, secretary, banker, scientist, engineer, musician, advisor, personal assistant, insurance agent, dentist, doctor, journalist, PR consultant, soldier.


doing yoga

Roosters are generally healthy and active people who enjoy sports. They're usually full of energy, both mentally and physically and therefore Roosters don't get sick very often. When they do, they usually quickly recover. However, Roosters tend to suffer from OCD complexes and mental breakdowns when their sense of justice is severely challenged, or their high standards are continuously not met. Taking up relaxation activities, such as yoga and meditation, will help control this. Cancer is also a risk as high stress levels resulting from constantly being on edge to fix everything around them causes breakdowns in their body. Be aware of their tendency to overly rely on alcohol.

2020 Rooster Horoscope

2020 Overall: 3/5 stars

The Rooster horoscope foretells that the positive astrological influences of stars in the year of Rat, will make the Roosters have good luck. But the inauspicious stars might also affect Rooster people’s fortune and wealth. You need to think twice when the financial decisions come to you. Love and health will be blessed in this year.

Career: 3/5 stars

With the help of the auspicious star, the Rooster people will have a great achievement. If you are an employee, even in fierce competition, your work performance and capability can be recognized by your boss. Keep a good relationship with colleagues; and it can benefit you a lot.

Wealth: 2/5 stars

a happy rooster

The wealth prediction for the Rooster is unfavorable this year, although income is fine. Make a reasonable budget and stick with it. It might not be wise to make any investment this year for you, and you will find it hard to have a desired result.

Love: 4/5 stars

The single Roosters have Peach Blossom luck, and you will have a great many chances to meet potential partners. This year you may be very popular with the opposite sex, so take your chances to establish a love relationship. The attached and married will enjoy a stable and firm bond.

Health: 3/5 stars

Your health predicts instability, although it might not be the problem of your body, but the extra harm from the outside. You should avoid injuries from sharp objects, watch out for accidents. Do not put yourself under too much pressure, as it may easily cause health problems.

2020 Monthly Horoscope

1. January is a month without good luck. A slowdown in your wealth is obvious. You need to pay more attention to your investment.

2. February requires you to control your emotions. The stable emotions will help you to deal with your work problems efficiently.

3. March comes with the prediction to suggest that you spend more time in the company of your partner and family.

4. April is when you can get rid of your troubles, with an upward trend of your career horoscope. Keep your concentration on your development, and you can make an achievement.

5. May is a month that shows fortune decline, but the right time to promote your ability.

6. June will be a month that is favorable for your career and wealth.

7. July will be blessed in your career. With a great chance to work outside, you will have good work performance and a high profit.

8. August requires you to maintain a good relationship with your colleagues and avoid the impulse to dispute.

9. September is when the relationships with your colleagues will be improved and you will get help with your career.

10. October is when the fortune for health will decline. You may be bothered by seasonal illness, so pay more attention to take care of your health.

11. November will be better than last month, when love relationships and luck for wealth will be improved.

12. December will be a productive month, and many pleasant things are waiting for you.

By Eric M. Meyer
Senior Editor