Year of Pig

Year of Pig

The Chinese Calendar is a unique system that follows the 12 Chinese zodiac signs. It has a total of 12 animals that repeat after every 12 years. Pig is the main animal for 2019, which will begin on February 5, 2019 and end on January 24, 2020 according to the Chinese calendar. There are five types of pigs, so for the same type to repeat, it takes 60 years. 2019 is the year of the Earth Pig, who is compassionate and loves his friends. He is also very attentive and always on time.

The Pig’s Story

According to the mythological story of the Jade Emperor, pig got the 12th position because he was the last one to arrive to the party because he overslept. It is not the only story because another one says that a wolf destroyed his house and he had to rebuild it before going to the emperor’s party. It delayed his arrival and all animals had picked their position. Only the 12th one was vacant, so he took it.

The Chinese culture considers the pig to be a sign of good wealth. It has a chubby face and big ears, which also indicate fortune. The pig is associated with the Earthly Branch called hài in Mandarin and the hours nine to 11 in the night. 1983, 1995, and 2007 were the last pig years of the Chinese calendar.

five elements of the pig

Five elements of the pig

The pig year is generally a wealthy year. However, there are five elements that give it specific characteristics and personality traits. Previous years of the pig include 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, and 2007. After 2019, the next two years of pig that we will get include 2031 and 2043.

Types Years of Birth
Wood Pig 1935, 1995
Fire Pig 1947, 2007
Earth Pig 1959, 2019
Metal Pig 1911, 1971, 2031
Water Pig 1923, 1983, 2043

1. Wood Pig

1995 was the last Wood Pig year. Wood Pig is very sympathetic and has a tender heart that gives others strengths to overcome the difficulties. Even though a little hot-tempered in a high-stress situation, a Wood Pig decisive and loves to set goals because it helps them to stay on track. They tend to suffer from a lot of obstacles career-wise but they take them up with courage and willpower rather than getting frustrated and giving up.

The Wood Pig is a lucky year for the youth and middle-aged group in terms of rapid wealth increase. A Wood Pig will never get into a relationship without considering all the negative and positive aspects of it. They are careful and take decisions only after a sound argument. They dedicate themselves so much to work that they ignore health problem, which is the only downfall of the element. A work-life balance should be maintained to stay mentally and physically healthy.

2. Fire Pig

Just like the name suggests, the Fire Pig is ambitious and determined to achieve the impossible. They are motivated and always looking for something new to learn. Just like other elements, the Fire Pig loves to make meaningful bonds with people and are great listeners. Even though they are more interested to run their own business, they aren’t always independent and like to have friends and family around for support or during an emergency.

Fire Pigs aren’t accustomed to instant and large amount of wealth but they do get a small amount of money regularly. Their lack of knowledge of financing reduces the wealth but if they learn about it, they will get more money. They are generally content with their love life but have a tendency to start an extra-marital affair. It happens almost unknowingly, so they need to be cautious about that.

3. Earth Pig

2019 is Earth Pig’s year and is filled with enthusiasm, joy, and optimism. They are always ready to give a helping hand to someone who is struggling. It is because of their kind nature that friends run to help them out when in trouble. The Earth Pig is independent, hardworking, and very independent. They like and practice punctuality. Earth Pigs are always rich and never have to struggle for finances.

However, they tend to make too many hasty financial decisions, which might decrease their financial strength. To avoid that, they should invest some amount in real estate as a backup during hard times. While they are expressive with friends, Earth Pigs are unable to profess their love when it comes to romantic relationships. Their marriage loses romance too soon, which is very bothersome. Adding a bit of romance to the marriage will spark the feelings. They should be careful about injuries and they often tend to suffer from broken bones and fractures.

4. Metal Pig

Broad-mindedness, friendly attitude, and outgoing nature describe a Metal Pig the best. They are born leaders but never let others feel inferior. They are persistent but often lack activeness. It doesn’t affect their decision-making abilities. They are very successful at work and enjoy rapid salary raises. Even though they will struggle with money a little in the early years of their life, they enjoy amazing finances in later life. To counteract their act of spending too much, they should start making fixed deposit and recurring deposit accounts.

When it comes to romantic relationships, they are very straightforward and clear about their feelings. They tend to ignore feelings of the other person but when they fall in love, they will do anything to turn it into a successful relationship. Metal Pigs have to be careful about their health as they are at high risk of suffering from bone and joints’ problems. Taking calcium supplements and a micronutrient-rich diet will keep them healthy.

5. Water Pig

Last but not the least, a Water Pig is witty and extremely intelligent. Their responsible nature makes them a favorite among friends and at the office. They are also very stubborn and stick to the decisions they make. They love socializing, especially when it comes to business. Nine to five jobs aren’t made for them as they are always looking for innovative opportunities to extend their career.

They use interpersonal relationships to find business opportunities and accumulate wealth. Even though they struggle a little with spending habits, they are great at saving money. Their possessive attitude in a romantic relationship is not always ideal and can be irritating for their partner. Irregular working hours can affect their health in later years of their life. They should rest and eat healthy to prevent illnesses.

Famous people born in the pig year

a picture of michael jackson

Former US President, Ronald Reagan (February 6, 1911), one of the greatest Tudor monarchs, Henry VIII of England (June 28, 1491), and the king of pop Michael Jackson (August 29, 1958) were all born during the years of the pig.

Other celebrities born in the year of the pig include Hillary Clinton (October 26, 1947), Alfred Hitchcock (August 13, 1899), Stephen King (September 21, 1947). One of the common things between all of them include they were loved by the masses.

Personality Traits and Character

Pigs are usually kind-hearted people and enjoy strong and loving friendships. They don’t stand apart from the crowd because they like to keep it simple and stay away from the limelight.

Positive personality traits

a pig is enjoying its food

People who are born during the Pig years have a frank personality and optimistic nature. They are usually calm but can rise to the occasion and take over during an emergency. Their dedication to friends and family makes them a favorite among all. They tackle every problem with decisiveness and practical attitude. Pig Year people make a lot of jokes and have no trouble in falling asleep.

Negative personality traits

One of the worst characteristics of a person born in the year of the Pig is that they aren’t able to convey their feelings. They do interact and listen to their friends but don’t give that in return. They trust too much and are victims to getting cheated by friends or a partner. They are also hot-tempered but take impulsive decisions rarely. They love to prank others but don’t know the limit.

Love Compatibility

people fall in love

Compatibility differs according to the gender of the person but mostly, Pig people aren’t compatible with Monkey or Snake people.

Best zodiac matches for Pig Men

1. Rooster

A marriage between a Pig man and Rooster woman is long lasting and satisfying. They understand each other completely and become each other’s strengths. Family comes first to both of them, which they won’t ignore for work. They take vacations to foster a strong family bond.

2. Tiger

There is no more perfect a relationship than that of a Tiger woman and a Pig man. They handle difficulties in marriage with grace and understanding. Both are patient with each other but have a lot of fun in the bed.

3. Rabbit

Rabbit and Pig are two of the most considerate personalities of the Chinese zodiac. Their marriage is an envy of others. They are always cooperative and understand each other like no one else does.

Best zodiac matches for Pig Women

1. Sheep

A Sheep man and Pig woman enjoy a relaxed marriage apart from some silly fights. It is because both are hot-tempered and impulsive. Both are very romantic and come up with new ideas to keep their marriage fresh.

2. Dog

A Pig woman can easily satisfy curiosities of a Dog man and convert their marriage into an everlasting relationship. They cover up for each other and like to maintain peace in the household.

3. Horse

Their love towards their families helps a Horse man and a Pig woman bond. They are very careful about what they speak and how they behave because it would hurt them to see their partner hurt. They fight for what is right together and always keep the other one happy.

Lucky and Unlucky Things

1. Numbers

Lucky - two, five, and eight
Unlucky - one, three, and nine

2. Colors

Lucky - gray, yellow, brown, and gold
Unlucky - red, blue, and green

3. Flowers

Lucky - pitcher plant, hydrangea, and marguerite
Unlucky - no unlucky flowers

4. Directions

Lucky - northeast and southeast
Unlucky - west and east

If you love history, you are going to love China’s northernmost city, Harbin. You can see a lot of influence of Russian culture, which is located just across the border. You can visit the Saint Sophia Cathedral, Jile Temple, Harbin Polarland, or take your family to the famous Yabuli Ski Resort for the holidays. There is a lot that you can do in China, and the year of the pig might just be when you want to visit!

cities of xiamen and guangzhou

Xiamen and Guangzhou are two great options as well. Xiamen is at a strait’s distance from Taiwan and has beautiful beaches. You can see Japanese and European influence in the city’s lifestyle because it was formerly a British-run port. It is a vehicle-free city, so you go around either on a cycle or your two feet. Known for its beautiful country life, Guangzhou is the best place to destress. You can visit Chimelong Safari Park, Baiyun Mountain, Chimelong Paradise, and Canton Tower during your stay in the city. China does have some great tourist loving places, and you can plan your visit quickly with the right travel agency.

Career and Health Outlook


a picture of working scence

People born in the Pig year aren’t afraid to dream about the impossible. They set small goals that take them to a big one and are ready to do anything to achieve it. They can sometimes procrastinate work, which puts them behind in office life. Since Pig people value integrity and productivity, they should work in health and education industries.

They should stay away from accounting jobs because they are bad at finances. They should hire a professional financial manager to handle their finances.



Pig people are overly friendly and attend a lot of parties. They tend to drink a lot of alcohol and unhealthy foods during the parties, which can cause cardiovascular disorders like increased blood pressure and hyperlipidemia. They should exercise regularly and eat healthy foods when they are not partying so that they can concentrate on their health.

Best direction to travel

A person born in the Pig Year should travel to Sichuan in the southwest to eat some delicious Sichuan cuisine. They can also travel in the east to Beijing, Shanghai, or the Great Wall of China. Indulge in the shopping and de-stress yourself.

Pig in 2019

a picture of a pig


People born in the Pig Year will face a small setback careerwise in 2019 but will recover easily from it. It is a good years for entrepreneurs to grow their business internationally.


If you are regular at the school and complete your homework on time, you will enjoy an easy academic year. Pig people who want to complete higher studies should take up on the challenge in 2019.


Male Pigs are going to find the love of their life in 2019. Make sure you are completely dedicated to the relationship and to your partner to make it an everlasting bond. Female Pigs will experience a little difficult to find a partner. Don’t engage in temporary relationships entered through a hasty decision as they will end in heartbreak.


Investments will bring you a lot of money, so start investing immediately. 2019 will be financially stable year. You still need to think twice before spending money. Putting money in real estate will help you in the long run.


You will see an increase in social activities and make a lot of new friends. You will get invitations from many friends or family members to invest in their business ventures. Take the right step after researching completely about it.


Pigs will enjoy relatively good health in 2019. They still need to take care of their bodies by consuming less alcohol and eating healthy food. Pig represents the Earth and cold water in the winters. Take special care of your urinary system during the winter season.