Layover in Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport(CTU)

Layover in Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport(CTU)

Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport is located in the hometown of the giant panda – Chengdu, western China. It is the fourth largest aviation hub in mainland China. If you are stuck on a layover at Chengdu Airport, here is some basic information and recommendations for you to spend your time.

144-hour Transit Visa-free Policy

If you layover in Chengdu and are planning leave the airport, you may be eligible for the 144-hour transit visa-free policy for foreign passengers.

Here is the 144-hour transit visa-free policy in Chengdu.(Policy Interpretation by the Entry-Exit Administration Division of Chengdu Public Security Bureau)

Basic policy:

From Jan 1st, 2019, Chengdu Airport implements a transit visa exemption policy for foreign travelers from 53 foreign countries with valid international travel documents and an interline ticket with a confirmed date and seat to a third country (region) within 144 hours.

Tips: For more questions, please call +86-18030695002, which is the 24-hour bilingual advisory hot line of Chengdu Public Security Bureau.

Application Requirements:

1. Applicable countries: currently, there are 53 countries eligible for the 144-hour Transit Visa Exemption Program;

Europe Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Russia, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania, Belarus and Monaco
America the United States, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Chile
Oceania Australia, New Zealand
Asia South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Brunei, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar

2. Travel documents required: valid personal international travel documents;

3. Other documents required: an interline ticket with confirmed date and seat to a third country (region) within 144 hours;

4. Port of entry and exit: Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport(CTU);

5. Duration of stay: within 144 hours from 0:00 of the next day after entry;

6. Areas of stay: administrative precincts of Chengdu City, and the surrounding cities of Leshan, Deyang, Suining, Meishan, Ya'an, Ziyang, Neijiang, Zigong, Luzhou and Yibin.

Luggage storage at Chengdu Airport

Terminal1, for all international flights and a few domestic flights

The luggage storage is on Level 2, in between Gate 6 and 7 of the Departure Hall.

Terminal 2, only for domestic flights

There are two luggage storage areas on Level 3 of the Departure Hall, behind the Check-in Counter N and P separately.

All the luggage storages' service time is from 5:30am – 11:00pm, every day.

Price list:

Size of Storage Tank
Duration(hours) Price(RMB)
Small Tank
45×45×65 (cm)
0-6 8
6-12 13
12-24 18
Over 24 hrs, every 6 hrs 2
Medium Tank
45×91×65 (cm)
0-6 12
6-12 20
12-24 28
Over 24 hrs, every 6 hrs 4
Big Tank
45×91×95 (cm)
0-6 20
6-12 30
12-24 40
Over 24 hrs, every 6 hrs 5

Chengdu Airport Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi is available in the airport area, and no registration is required.

For more information or support, please consult the airport staff at the information desk on each floor of the T1 and T2.

Note: Most of these popular APPs are blocked in China, such as Facebook, Google Maps, Skype, WhatsApp, and Twitter.

Money exchange in Chengdu Airport

Terminal 1:

Travelex Currency Exchange: next to Gate No.1 of 2nd floor (Departure Hall)

ICE Currency Exchange:

1) Next to Exit No.1 of 1st floor (Arrival Hall);

2) Next to Check-in Counter of W20-21(Departure hall).

Terminal 2:

Bank of China: next to Gate No.9 of 3rd floor(Departure Hall)

ICE Currency Exchange: next to security gate FG on 3rd floor(Departure Hall).

Airport Lounge and hotels

There are VIP Lounges in both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. You may go for a rest, have food and drinks, or take a shower with a reasonable fee.


T1:VIP Lounges in Corridor A and C

T2:VIP Lounges in Corridor D and F

Chengdu Airport Hotel - 500 meters in front of Terminal 1, a free airport shuttle bus is available.

Chengdu Airport Express Hotel - Located in between T1 and T2, 5mins drive from the hotel to the terminals. 24-hour free airport shuttle bus is available.

Transit in Chengdu Airport

There are many options for transportation from the airport to various destinations.

Taxi & Airport Shuttle Bus

Both taxies and airport shuttle bus stations are located outside of the arrival hall of Terminal 1 and 2.

By taxi, it is about 30mins drive and costs about RMB100 from the airport to the center of Chengdu.

By airport shuttle bus, it costs RMB10-15 from the airport to the attractions in downtown Chengdu.


The Entrances of Metro:

Terminal 1: Outside of Gate 01 on the 1st floor, the parking of T1

Terminal 2: Passage L2, L3, L4 on the B2 floor,B/C entrances of metro, located at the parking of T2

Metro line 10 is the only line from the airport to downtown Chengdu. And the terminus of line 10 is between the 3rd and 2nd ring-road of Chengdu. You can change to other lines to various destinations.

Inter-city Rail

Shuangliu Airport High-speed Railway Station is located at the under-ground area of the parking of T2. It's very convenient to take the high-speed trains to the surrounding cities near Chengdu.

How to travel from Chengdu airport to major attractions in the City

How to travel from Chengdu airport to major attractions in the Chengdu City
Name of Tourist Attraction Distance(from airport) Recommended visiting time Why visit here? How to get here?
Chengdu People's Park 17km(10mi) 1 hour You may experience the real local life in People's Park. 30mins by Taxi, or take metro line 10 and change to lines 7 and 2.
Jinli Pedestrian Street 18km(11mi) 1 hour Similar to Kuanzhai Alley, there are lots of shops, restaurants and bars in this area. 30mins by Taxi
Kuanzhai Alley 20km(12mi) 1 hour The best place to taste the local food and see the local style buildings 30mins by Taxi, or take metro line 10 and change to lines 7 and 4.
Chunxi Pedestrian Street 20km(12mi) 1-2 hours It is the center of Chengdu. Many shopping malls, restaurants, cafes are located in this area. 50mins by Taxi, or take metro line 10 and change to line 3.
Du Fu Thatched Cottage Museum 21km(13mi) 1 hour To see the beauty of the architecture and learn the history of Poet Mr. Du Fu. 30mins by Taxi
Jinsha Museum 23km(14mi) 1.5 hours Jinsha Culture is the most famous archaeological discovery in Chengdu. 40mins by Taxi, or take metro line 10 and change to line 7.
Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding 34km(21mi) 2-3 hours It's the home of 152 Giant Pandas and is a must-see place in Chengdu. 1-hour drive by Taxi

What to do during a layover in Chengdu?

Layover for 3-5 hours

If your layover is about 3-5 hours, we don't suggest you leave the airport. In order to catch your connecting flight on time, you may stroll around the airport and spend your time at the Cafe, book shop, restaurants, foot massage or VIP Lounge.

Layover for 6 hours

If your layover is 6 hours, then you may choose to visit one of the attractions in the list above, except the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding.

You may go to Kuanzhai Alley to enjoy the local food, buy souvenirs and have a leisurely walk in this area. Then get back to the airport on time.

Layover for 9 hours

If your layover is 9 hours, you may go for a tour to the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, and then take a visit to Jinli Pedestrian Street to find some local snacks, handicrafts and drinks.

Tips: If possible, please visit the Panda Base in the morning. Because that's the active time for the Pandas and they will be sleepy in the afternoon.

Layover for 12 hours

If your layover is 12 hours, there will be more options to explore Chengdu City.

A visit to the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in the morning. If you are lucky, you may see the baby Pandas.

Then go for a visit to the Jinsha Museum to learn the local history from about 3000 years ago.

Strolling around the Chunxi Pedestrian Street in the afternoon, you will be able to find some local restaurant and relax. Then transfer back to the airport on time.

How many hours before the flight we should get back to the airport?

We recommend that you should get back to airport at least 3 hours before your flight.

Recommended Chengdu layover tour packages

We highly recommend you to book a tailor-make tour package previously for saving your limited layover time in Chengdu. We have some tour packages for you to refer to.

Panda Keeper Tour in Dujiangyan Base (9 hours)

A local English speaking guide and a driver will pick you up from the airport or your hotel at 7:30am. You will be back to the airport or your hotel in Chengdu at about 4:30pm.

For more details about the Panda Keeper tour package.

Chengdu City Tour Package (8 hours)

A day tour in Chengdu is highly recommended. An example itinerary is, Airport-Panda Base – Jinsha Museum – Kuanzhai Alley – Airport.

Click here to create your unique Chengdu Highlights Tour!

With the 144-hour transit visa-free policy, if you are planning to explore Chengdu and the surrounding cities for few days, you can find more Chengdu tour packages from our website.

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