Xiamen Weather in December

Xiamen Weather in December

The weather for December can be quite cool. The lowest minimum temperature drops down to 9℃/48.2℉, while the highest maximum temperature is 24℃/75.2℉. The weather is nice because there are quite a few cloudy days and some sunny days.

Average Maximum Average Minimum Highest Maximum Lowest Minimum
19.8 12.3 24 9
67.64 54.14 75.2 48.2

Sunny Days: about 9 days
Cloudy Days: about 19 days
Rainy Days: about 1 day
Overcast Days: about 2 days

What to wear and bring?

In early December Early in the month there could be up to a week of cloudy days, when the temperature is between 9℃/48.2℉ and 24℃/75.2℉. It is so pleasant that you can go outside to enjoy yourself, and you just need to wear a long sleeved shirt, with a wind-proof coat, and pants and shoes with soft soles.

In mid-December Compared to earlier in the month, the temperature varies widely from day to night. You will need to wear long sleeves, thin sweaters, trousers, and a windbreaker or a coat. It may be rainy, so you’d better to take an umbrella to go out.

In late December The weather is similar to earlier, and there are likely to be several cloudy days, when the minimum temperature is 9℃/48.2℉. You could get away with wearing shirts, thin sweaters, and a windbreaker or a coat.

Historical Weather in December

historical weather in decemberclick here to enlarge
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