Guilin Weather in May

Guilin Weather in May

May is the time when summer is replacing spring. In the first rainy season of Guilin, the daily maximum and minimum temperatures separately reach 30°C, and 20°C. In China, the May Day period sees peak tourist numbers as it is an ideal time for both domestic (public holiday) and foreign travelers.

Average Maximum Average Minimum Highest Maximum Lowest Minimum
29 22 35 18
84.2 71.6 95 64.4

Sunny Days: 0 day

Cloudy Days: 9 days

Rainy Days: 22 days

What to wear and bring?

In early May

As the wet days account for most of the time in May, bring rain gear for any outing. The temperature usually stays around 23-28°C, so it is the time for thin T-shirts in the day time. People choose to put on an additional jacket at night.


Weather on Labor Day (May 1) During the Labor Day holiday (May 1-3), it can be extremely crowded in all scenic spots. Thin shirts and rain gear are the best choices for the high temperature (around 25°C) and frequent rain.

In mid May

It pours even more in middle May than early May and the temperature continues to pick up. The number of tourists drops sharply immediately after the Labor Day holiday. The maximum temperature of the day exceeds 30°C. Short sleeves and rain gear are standard clothing for tourists.

In late May

The rainy season gradually ends in late May. It is overcast and rainy for most of the time. The temperature is around 30 °C. Consider wearing short sleeves and applying sun cream as well as bringing rain gear for showers.

Historical Guilin Weather in May

historical guilin weather in mayclick here to enlarge
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