Top 8 Cuisine Restaurants

Top 8 Cuisine Restaurants

Everyone is yearning for Shangri-La in Diqing to pursue the pure land in his or her heart. As everyone knows the beautiful scenery is not the only treasure in heavenly Yunnan Diqing Prefecture, because there are a whole range of dishes of tasty local cuisine as well.

1. Li Xiangyuan Ribs Restaurant

li xiangyuan ribs restaurant

This is a popular restaurant in the county. No need to order food, as it’s a Yak meat hotpot buffet, where you can eat authentic yak hot pot. If you are lucky, you can taste fresh Tricholoma Matsutake, the famous mushroom.

Average per person: RMB 55

Opening hours: 9.00-23.00

Address: 64 Chicika Street (opposite the prefecture tourism group)

2. Yintong Convenience Kitchen

A highly-rated specialty restaurant. The proprietress is very enthusiastic and warm-hearted. The barley cake is tasty. The yak hot pot is also very good. Two people could share a small pot of Yak meat, as a small pot is enough for two, and the meat in it is all lean meat. The soup is always very fresh as well.

Average per person: RMB 58

Opening hours: 9.00-22.00

Address: next to Sifang Street in Dukezong Ancient Town (32 Yiruomulang)

3. The Silent Holy Stones Tibetan Restaurant

the silent holy stones tibetan restaurant

The boss is a Tibetan. The xiaolongbao here is better than those that are served in the general Jiangsu and Zhejiang stores. The Tibetan-style noodle is also very good. The yak hot pot is awesome. The potato in the pot has the taste of Tianjin pancake. The ghee scones are delicious. The Ando noodles are very suitable for northerners. ‘The Silent Holy Stones’ was filmed in this restaurant. Zhang Ziyi ( a Chinese celebrity) also took photos with the boss.

Average per person: RMB 71

Opening hours: 9.00-23.00

Address: 3 Zuobarui, Dukezong Ancient Town

4. Lixing Local Tibetan Hotpot and Grills

lixing local tibetan

The chef tries to keep the original taste of all the ingredients and uses very little spices or seasonings. They provide traditional ghee tea and Tibetan yoghurt.

Average per person: RMB 56

Opening hours: 10.00-23.00

Address: 12 Northgate Street Cuolang, Dukezong Ancient Town

5. Shandong Cuisine

shandong cuisine

This restaurant provides traditional Shandong food. Fried tofu is very tasty, and the dumplings they sell are the best in this ancient city. The boss said they use another kind of flour to make pastries.

Average per person: RMB 33

Opening hours: 8.00-23.30

Address: 1-31 Dawa Street, Dukezong Ancient Town

6. Regong Kitchen

regong ktchen

The yak hotpot here has a light flavor, with a large amount of meat. The price is affordable, and the yak meat is chewy and fresh. They also serve Tibetan pizza, ghee tea and noodles.

Average per person: RMB 65

Opening hours: 9.00-21.00

Address: 107 Eastgate Dalalang, Ancient Town

7. Five Colors Snow Tibetan Restaurant

five colors snow tibetan restaurant

A restaurant with excellent value for money, serves authentic dishes. The style of the dish refers to the diet of the former Tibetan aristocracy, and the price is very affordable.

Average per person: RMB 55

Opening hours: 9.00-23.00

Address: opposite to the Xiangbala Coach Station

8. Tibetan Restaurant and Bar

There is no signboard at the entrance of the store. Only the Himalayan Tibetan food is listed on the small blackboard at the door. It looks like a water bar from the window seat. The small pot of yak meat is enough for one person, with sirloin steak and sirloin slices in it. The sides are also various, and there are oyster mushrooms, broccoli, vermicelli, sage, etc. The sauce is a homemade spicy sauce. It smells a bit sour and weird, but it tastes amazing.

Average per person: RMB 38

Opening hours: no fixed time

Address: in Dukezong Ancient Town

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