6 Xiamen Restaurant Recommendations

6 Xiamen Restaurant Recommendations

Young photographers always show a great enthusiasm for Xiamen. So do those foodies! The many restaurants gathered on the Xiamen map are solid proof of that. While the art lovers are busy taking photos or uploading them onto Moments of WeChat, foodies are shifting themselves from one canteen to another trying out various delicacies and dishes.

1. Big Food Stall for Eyes (Huicheng)

a dish of sea food

This is perhaps the most famous sea food stall in Xiamen. The big food stall has got many branches in the same city, and still guests have to queue up. It has various fresh sea foods on offer. Of all the dishes, the dishes cooked with jiangyou-shui sauce (literally soy sauce and water, which actually contains numerous condiments) is simple and delicious. Squid in jiangyou-shui is probably the default dish for each table. It is a very affordable item.

Average price per person: RMB 95 per person
Business hours:11:00-14:00 16:30-22:00 from Monday to Thursday, 11:00-14:30 16:30-22:30 for Friday and Saturday and 11:00-14:30 16:30-22:00 for Sunday (please note the schedule of the stall)
Address: No. 7, Middle Hubin Road, Siming District, Xiamen, Fujian Province, China

2. Huang Ze He Food (Zhongshan Road Branch)

kitch of huang zehe restaurant

Huang Ze He Food was established in 1945. The time-honored food shop has numerous branches. The HQs with the vintage red, gold and black colors is very eye-catching. The food hall is always full of guests. People have to first queue up for the refill card and place their orders. Many classical Xiamen delicacies can be found here, such as peanut soup, oyster omelet, sa-de-mī (sate noodle) and mī-suànn-kôo (Hakka language). The specialty is sweet, aromatic and soft. Guests can have it upgraded with an egg, but the egg is usually default, so say "no, thanks" in advance if you don't want it.

Average price per person:RMB 25 per person
Business hours:7:00 AM-22:00, Monday to Sunday
Address: No. 22-24, Siming District, Xiamen, Fujian Province, China

3. Lujiang Harbourview Hotel (Xiamen) Ocean-Observation Hall

a table of dishes of lujiang harbourview hotel

If you sit in the al fresco section, the view of the sea can be really great with its a panoramic view of Gulang Yu (Island). The dishes here mainly fall in the Cantonese category. Crystal Skin Shrimp Dumplings (Har Gow) feature thin wrappers and fresh chunks of shrimp. Durian daifuku has very thick aromas. Local Xiamen specialties are also offered, such as oyster omelet, mī-suànn-kôo (Hakka language) and Sipuncula worm jelly (Frozen Siphon Worm, which maybe would require more courage than eating century eggs)

Average price per person: RMB 114 per person
Business hours:08:00-23:00 for weekdays
Address: 7F, Lujiang Harbourview Hotel (Xiamen), No. 54, Lujiang Avenue, Siming District, Xiamen, Fujian Province, China

4. Lianhuan Oyster Omelet

oyster omelet

The restaurant is hidden deep in a narrow lane. But the oyster omelet offered here is extremely authentic. The toppings include many oysters, sweet potato noodles, fried eggs and sweet chili sauce. In addition to oyster omelet, there is also fish ball soup, small intestine offal soup, salty rice and other south Fujian (in Taiwan province, it can be also addressed as Taiwan flavor) flavors.

Average price per person: RMB 18 per person
Business hours: 11:00-01:00, Monday to Sunday
Address: No. 10, Jukou Heng Lane, Jukou Street, Zhongshan Road (close to South Siming Road), Siming District, Xiamen, Fujian Province, China

5. Zhenzhen Jiangmu Duck & Seafood (a time-honored restaurant in Zengcuo An Village)

Zhenzhen Jiangmu Duck & Seafood is the first restaurant to offer Jiangmu Duck. The business dates back to twenty years ago. The ducks derive their authentic flavor from the delicate preparation process. The duck meat is tender and tasty. This is a dish for all seasons and all ages.

Average price per person:RMB 86 per person
Business hours: 10:00-00:00, Monday to Sunday
Address: No. 10 m north of Fuhai Palace, No. 25, Zengcuo An Village, South Huandao Road, Siming District, Xiamen, Fujian Province, China (20 m behind Zengcuo An Bus Station)

6. South Putuo Vegetarian Restaurant

gems in fragrant mushed sweet patato

As a top vegetarian restaurant, the dishes here never disappoint guests. Each cuisine has a zen style name. The most favored dish is Gems in Fragrant Mushed Sweet Potato (with pine nuts, lotus seeds, water chestnuts, diced carrots and diced asparagus). Arhat Dish, Lunar Dipped in the River, and South Sea Lotus are all competent dishes.

Average price per person:RMB 66 per person
Business hours:11:00-14:00 and 17:00-20:00, Monday to Sunday
Address: No. 515, South Siming Road, in the South Putuo Temple, Siming District, Fujian Province, China

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