Interesting facts about Pandas

Interesting facts about Pandas
By Shirley Li
Web Editor

As one of the most endangered species, The Giant Pandas have lots of fans all over the world. The facts below will help you understand more about these cute bamboo-eating bears.

1. Do pandas hibernate?

No, giant pandas don’t hibernate. Even when the temperature drops to minus 4 to 140C, they still walk through the bamboo forest over piles of snow, just like they are living in a white tent. Pandas don’t fear humidity either, and always live in places with 80% relative humidity.

panda in snow

2. Do pandas fear cold or heat?

They have a fear of heat, but they adapt to the cold.

3. Can pandas climb trees?

Yes, they are good at climbing. This behavior always appears at the start of courtship, which is also a way to avoid risk.

4. Can pandas swim?

Yes, they are good swimmers.

5. How strong is their sense of hearing and smell?

giant panda

They have a very good sense of hearing and smell. Giant pandas keep contact by scent markers which have been left in their habitat. They use scent markers in their living area so that they can lead a peaceful coexistence. In this way, giant pandas will recognize and find their companions or keep their distance from each other.

6. How good is pandas' vision?

Their vision is poor, because they usually live in deep valleys and lush forests with dim light. Besides, giant pandas’ pupils have a longitudinal crack just like cats’ eyes. Therefore, their normal activities are not affected at night.

7. Do pandas eat meat?

Yes, giant pandas’ ancestors are carnivores. They have inherited some characteristics from their ancestors. If it is possible, they need to eat some meat.

8. Are there any pandas in other countries?

No, wild pandas only inhabit China, but other countries have borrowed animals from China.

9. How often do pandas excrete?

They excrete 40 times a day.

stay with people

10. Are pandas easy to get along with for a human?

No, their cubs are not easy to get close to, and panda keepers have to wear panda costumes in order to take care of them.

11. Do pandas easily reproduce?

No, it is very difficult for them, because the estrus cycle of female giant pandas only lasts for 3 days in a year. The courtship usually falls in March to May. According to scientific statistics, infertility rates are 78% and 90% in female and male giant pandas respectively.

12. Are pandas greedy and lazy?

Yes, they spend 54% of their time eating, 43% of their time resting and 3% of their time playing.

13. How old are they when they mate?

Wild female pandas start their courtship when they are 5 to 6 years old. However, giant pandas in captivity tend to reach maturity early. They are in estrus at 4 years old, and mating at 5 years old. As for male giant pandas, they start mating from 7 to 8 years old.

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