Kunming Weather in December

Kunming Weather in December

Compared to last month, the temperatures in December are a little lower. The average maximum temperature is 15℃/59℉, and the lowest minimum temperature is 0℃/32℉. There are more sunny days and with less rain.

Average Maximum Average Minimum Highest Maximum Lowest Minimum
15 4 20 10
59.0 39.2 68.0 32.0

Sunny Days: 14 days
Cloudy Days: 10 days
Rainy Days: 1 day
Overcast Days: 6 days

What to wear and bring

Early December
In early December, the temperature can be from 4℃/39.2℉ to 20℃/68℉. It is recommended that you wear a large cotton-padded jacket, a winter coat, or a sweater with a down jacket.

In Mid-December, there are more sunny days but the weather is at its coldest, and the lowest temperature is between 0℃/32℉ and 9℃/48.2℉. Hence, keeping yourself warm is particularly important. Wear large cotton-padded clothes, down jackets and warm clothes. At the same time, there are likely to be a couple of days of light rain, so you’d better to take rain gear.

Late December
Although there are more sunny days in late December, the temperature gap between day and night is getting bigger and bigger. Heavier layers are needed for going out at night. It is better to wear a large cotton-padded jacket, or a padded down jacket. Felt hats, scarves and gloves are also useful.

Historical Kunming weather in December

historical kunming weather in decemberclick here to enlarge
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