Popular Snacks in Huangshan

Popular Snacks in Huangshan

Huangshan snacks have a long history and a variety of flavors. The natural tastes and the traditional craftsmanship have contributed to numerous snacks.

Salty and spicy delicacies:

1. Huangshan Pancake (Huángshān shāobǐng)

huangshan pancake

Huangshan Pancake, also known as "crab shell yellow pancake", "salvation pancake” (by the first Emperor of Ming Dynasty, Zhu Yuanzhang) and "royal seal pancake". As a Hui snack, it is sold everywhere. The skin of Huangshan Shaobing is as thin as paper. It is crispy, loose and oily but not greasy. When Huangshan Pancakes are put into the package and handed to you, remember to keep the package open until they cool a little, otherwise the pancakes will become soggy from the steam that is released. Characteristics: The small pancake is plump. The yellow glaze makes it look like a crab shell.

Recommendation: Haozailai Shaobing

2. Hui Style Fried Noodles (chow mein, Huī shì chǎomiàn)

hui style fried noodles

These noodles are one of the Hui Style snacks. The fried noodles are cut with a traditional Chinese-style dough scraper and then fried with along with semi-lean meat, cooked winter bamboo shoots, yellow wine (Shaoxing wine), garlic leaves and other ingredients. The finished dish has a yellowish green color. It smells delicious and has a smooth texture.

Characteristics: the noodles have a soft, smooth, elastic texture.
Recommendation: Tianding Restaurant
Address:No. 23, Qianjie Street, Hongcun Resort

3. Huizhou Guozong (a kind of Zongzi, Huīzhōu guǒzòng)

zongzi in Huizhou style

While Zongzi are a nationwide snack, Huangzhan Guozong can be differentiated in terms of the wrapping, shaping and stuffing. Guozong generally look like pillows. The plum zongzi is tied up with two strings, and contains meat, pork ribs, date, chestnut, red bean paste and red beans.

Characteristics: Huizi Zong (brown color juicy Zong) is probably the best Guozong. It has a soft texture and a longer shelf life.

4. Wucheng Chagan (high-end southern dried bean curd, Wǔchéng chágān)
the dried bean curd

High-end condiments and delicate processing bring out the excellent taste and texture of Wucheng Chagan. The soybeans have to be fresh, processed in the same year that they were grown. When the bean curd is prepared, add the specially-made sauce (usually bought from Hungchang Sauce House in Wucheng, or Dexin Sauce House in Tunxi) and slow-cook them over low heat, along with cinnamon, fennel, cloves and icing sugar, for six hours. The color and the taste should be carefully controlled.

Characteristics: it is rich in nutrients and has a long-lasting aftertaste, as well as an elastic texture. People may find that they are chewing on Wucheng Chagan one piece after another.
Recommendation: Old Tunxi Street

5. Stoned Fried Stick (Shítou guǒ)

Local ingredients such as dried preserved vegetables, dried bean floss and dried beans are used for Shitou Guo. Put the flat Guo into a pan and put a special black boulder over it. Press the stone over the Guo that is being heated. The Guo is sizzling all the time. As a stone is used in the cooking, it is named Stoned Fried Stick. Sometimes, people call it Soybean Guo.

Characteristics:a bite of the Guo will release all the delicious aroma.
How to eat: The dry Guo goes well soup.
Recommendation: It is sold on the food stalls along the streets in the ancient town, She (pronunciation as in Sherley, not the "she") County

6. Huangshan River Conch (Huángshān hé luó)

The river snails are collected from the clear brooks. The unpolluted river conches have a really good texture. Huangshan River Conches are a little bit smaller than the general river conches in China. Cooks break off the end and add oil, salt, shallots and vinegar. While they are being fried in a pan, the delicious aroma is readily released into the air.

Characteristics: The meat is white and tender. And the dish has no muddy taste that could be noticed in cuisine whose ingredients include food from rivers.

Sweet delicacies:

1. Fermented sweet glutinous rice (Tián jiǔniàng)

This dish is made from the finest glutinous rice and can be bought from a street vendor. It is usually served in bowls on the glass plates piled in stone drum-shaped bamboo baskets. Two bamboo baskets are set on the ends of the carrying bamboo pole of a vendor. There is also a pit in the middle of the Tianjiu Niang for sweet juice.

How to eat: people will buy a bowl in the midsummer to keep cool. When winter comes, people boil Tinajiu Niang with amber colored honey dates or eggs and eat them together.
Recommendation: streets and alleys of Huangshan City or downtown fair

2. Mung Bean Chunk (Lǜdòu dōu)

When the mung beans are sprouting, mix them with wheat flour, salt and water into gooey blend. Use a pot spoon to scoop once and put them together into the bamboo container. Soak them in the boiling oil for a while. When the chunk is formed, take up the container and remove the pot spoon. Fry them until it shows a dark greenish yellow.

Characteristics: crispy and tasty with a unique flavor

3. Crunchy Sesame Candy (Má sū táng)

Masu Tang is the confectionery that has been passed down from the Southern Song Dynasty. It is made of fried sesame powder and sugar. A small rectangular piece of red paper printed with logos wraps the loose crispy, sweet-tasting Masu Tang. According to Hui customs, Masu Tang in red paper are placed in a box to treat guests. When paying a New Year call, people carry Masu Tang indicating ”Happy New Year”. There is a Huizhou folk song which says: "Even a gentleman shall be denied entry into the main hall if he forgets to bring Masu Tang".

Characteristics:The finest Masu Tang is called “Dingshi (top) Su”. The finished product is yellow and in chunks. When chewing Masu Tang, the strong scent can be enjoyed at the same time. Masu Tang does not stick to teeth and it is considered a good treat for all ages.
Recommendation: streets and alleys of Huangshan City or downtown fair

4. Balance Beam Sugar (Chèng guǎn táng)

Chenggan Sugar is a kind of maltose that was first produced in Wan'an Town, Xiuning County under Huangshan City. Chenggan Sugar looks like the snapped beams of a Chinese balance used on the markets. It is not only wrapped with white or black sesame, but also has a sweet core, which is made of sesame powder and rice flour.

Characteristics:crispy and non-sticky. It has a proper sweetness and fragrance. It is a snack for all ages.

5. Inkstone Crispy Sugar (Wēi mò sū)

It has the shape of the renowned Hui inkstone: 6cm X 4cm X 1cm. Its full body looks inky and it is extremely tasty.

Characteristics: it is oily and puffy. The fragrance is retained on the tongue for a long time. It is sweet, and not greasy.
Recommendation:Old Tunxi Street

6. Lotus Pastry (Fúróng gāo)

Fine glutinous rice flour is first made into a pastry shape. Then it is sliced and fried. Mix the pastry with white sugar and maltose. Elegant shaped lotus pastries are a treatment for guests typically in the Chinese lunar New Year.

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