Dragon Boat Festival Food

Dragon Boat Festival Food

The Dragon Boat Festival has a great and rich diet tradition. Let’s explore some of the delicacies, including zongzi, enjoyed across China during the festival.


Zongzi Zongzi / Joong / Chinese sticky rice dumpling (粽子)

It is highly traditional in China to eat zongzi during the Dragon Boat Festival. Several days before Duanwu, every household makes and eats zongzi, with their interesting shapes and tempting tastes. The shapes of zongzi are varied, such as a long strip with four corners or a pyramid. Bamboo leaves impart their unique aroma and flavor to the glutinous rice. Read more about Zongzi

Eggs Steamed with Tea/ Salted Duck Eggs

Tea egg is a recipe that uses hard-boiled eggs which are cracked and soaked in tea and spices, and they are usually steamed with zongzi in a pot. People like eating tea eggs after zongzi.

Tea Eggs

In some areas in China, people also eat Salted Duck Eggs with zongzi. Salted Duck Eggs are eggs that are submerged in a salt mixture for 30 to 60 days. Good Salted Duck Eggs are with solid white that’s not too salty and a perfect egg yolk that’s oily and golden orange in color.

Salted Duck Eggs

Dagao – Glutinous Rice Cakes


Glutinous rice cakes are eaten by people in the Korean ethnic group living in Yanbian Prefecture in China’s northeastern Jilin province. The glutinous rice is steamed with the herb mugwort and then it is thumped into the sticky rice cake. It tastes delicious and has a chewy texture.

Fried Eel Slices

Fried Eel Slices

The practice of eating eel during the festival prevails in central China’s Wuhan region. Eels are probably eaten simply because they are in season during the festival. People enjoy the flavor and the tender, fatty texture, and they are also rich in nutrition.

Jiandui – Fried Cakes


In eastern China’s Fujian Province, during the Duanwu Festival, every family eats Jiandui which are fried cakes made from mixed paste of flour and sweet potato powder.



In eastern China’s Wenzhou area, pancakes are made of refined white flour cooked in a flat pan, with green bean sprouts, leek, and shredded meat. Mushrooms are filled with the thin and translucent pastry. When you roll it up, you can taste a different flavor in each bite.

By Carol Guan