Yellow Crane Tower

Symbolic Landmark of Wuhan
Yellow Crane Tower

Yellow Crane Tower stands atop Snake Hill in Yellow Crane Tower Park of Wuchang District, Wuhan. It is the most famous attraction in Wuhan. The tower was first built during the Three Kingdoms Period in 223 CE. It was a watchtower for military defensive purposes and was destroyed several times in the course of history. This existing Yellow Crane Tower was built in 1985. There are 5 layers and the height is 51.4 meters. Cranes are sacred animals in ancient Chinese myths and legends. They can bring longevity and luck to people. Many famous poets and celebrities have been to the Yellow Crane Tower for inspiration and have left many popular poems about the tower. Some of the poems were included in Chinese textbooks for primary schools in China. This is the reason why the Yellow Crane Tower is so famous in China and is one of the three greatest towers south of the Yangtze River.

Quick Facts
  • Chinese name: 黄鹤楼 Huáng Hè Lóu
  • Constructed: 223 CE, The Three Kingdoms Period (220 CE - 280 CE)
  • Suggested time: 1 hour
  • Ticket: RMB 70 per person
  • Address: Yellow Crane Tower Park, Wuchang District, Wuhan, Hubei Province, China
  • Open hours: 08:00 – 18:00 (summer), 08:00 – 17:00 (winter)
  • The best time to visit: all year round
  • How to get there:
    1. Take bus No. 10, 401, 402, 61, and get off at Huanghelou Stop. The south gate of the Yellow Crane Park is only 70 meters away from the bus stop.
    2. It is only 500 meters away from Hubu Alley to the west gate of Yellow Crane Tower. So you may walk to the Yellow Crane Park after you have visited Hubu Alley.

Highlights of Yellow Crane Tower

Learn about the History of Yellow Crane Tower

Yellow Crane Tower
Step into the tower, and you will see a huge mural of a yellow crane, carrying an immortal, flying to the sky. And there are many collections of famous paintings and calligraphies in the tower. Some important historical documents and stories about the Yellow Crane Tower are displayed on the second floor. The third floor displays the embroidery paintings of those famous poets and their poems about the Yellow Crane Tower. They are Cui Hao (704-754), Li Bai (701-762), Bai Juyi (772-846) and Lu You (1125-1210). The fourth floor is an exhibition hall of contemporary celebrities' paintings and calligraphy. You will learn a lot about the history of Wuhan and Yellow Crane Tower.

Panoramic View of Wuhan City

As an iconic landmark of Wuhan, Yellow Crane Tower is a great place to take a panoramic view of Wuhan City. Standing on the fifth floor of the Yellow Crane Tower, it is about 100 meters high from the ground (including the height of the Snake Hill). You can enjoy the sight of the fabulous Yangtze River Bridge, Yangtze River and the surrounding area.

Chinese Style Architectures

Yellow Crane Tower goes through many contour designs. All such antique designs have their marked features. The tower adopts a mix of octagon and square, which means “getting access to all eight directions.” This design makes the tower more imposing.

There are some other attractions in Yellow Crane Tower Park, such as the Gallery of Steles of Poems, the Millennium Bell, Goose Pond, and White Cloud Pavilion, etc. You will see many Chinese architectural styles in the park.

By Lee Li
Travel Specialist
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