Top 5 Qingdao Delicacy Streets

Top 5 Qingdao Delicacy Streets

Street food is a must try for visitors from home and abroad. And the best places to seek it are the famous snack streets. The Snack Street is an important symbol of a city's food culture, and Qingdao is no exception. Take a walk along the snack street in Qingdao, the aroma will draw you in. Many people choose to eat all the way along. It is a greatly enjoyable experience.

1. Dengzhou Road

dengzhou road

There are over 50 eateries on this short street. A variety of authentic Tsingtao beer and seafood snacks add to the ambience of the street. Most visitors would not pass by a mug of Tsingtao beer. When the neon signboards of each hotel are lit up, the lively atmosphere makes everybody’s thoughts turn to wine and entertainment. The cooking approaches of seafood and the authentic Tsingtao beer are really a part of a “Beer Festival” that is put on one night after another.

Recommendations: Royal Delicious Bakery, Hutong Fried Skewers, TRIO EI bistro and Jin Shiyuan Hot Pot.
Address: Shibei District, Qingdao City
How to get there:
Take Bus No. 307, 25 or 217 and get off at Qidong Road. Walk for another 140 meters and you will see the street.
Take Bus No. 221 and get off at Dalian Road, then walk about 316 meters to arrive;
Take Qingdao Metro Line 3 and get off from Exit B of the People's Hall, then walk about 1420 meters to get there;
Nearby attractions: Xiaoyushan Park, Baihuayuan Garden, Qingdao Sky City and Qingdao Zoo

2. Yunxiao Road Snack Street

yunxiao road snack road

This street is composed of two side streets, namely Minjiang Road and Yunxiao Road. Here one can have a taste of a variety of local Shandong cuisines. Many of the eateries are excellent old-fashioned shops with good reputations. The dishes are inexpensive and generous. There are also Western food, Sichuan Cuisine, roadside stalls, anything you can think of.

Recommendation: Cao Seafood Barbecue
Address: No. 54, Yunxiao Road, Shinan District, Qingdao
How to get there:
Take Metro Line 3 and get off from Exit A of Jiangxi Road Station, then walk about 892 meters to get there;
Take Metro Line 2 and get off from Exit C1 of Fushan Mountain Station, then walk about 582 meters to get there;
Take Bus No. 26 and get off at Fushan Mountain. After walking about 541 meters, you will arrive.
Take Bus No. 503 and get off at Central Hong Kong Road. After walking around 3,930 meters, you will arrive.
Nearby attractions: seaside scenic area, Qingdao Sculpture Park, Shark Park and Xiaoyao Pavilion

3. Taishan Road BBQ Street

taishan road bbq street

This is a traditional barbecue street in Qingdao. There are many time-honored grill restaurants. Probably anything can be barbecued here. “There is the best BBQ on BBQ Street of Taishan Road”, used to be a catch phrase of Qingdao people. The popularity is still out there, although less people come here for BBQ now. Visitors from other places come to have a nice time here. At least it showcases the BBQ culture in Qingdao.

Recommendation: Meidaer, Shuanghe Dumplings, Shangziwei Shrimp and Crab Themed Restaurant and Nanjing Food Stall.
Address: Northeast of the intersection of Taishan Road and Putai Road, Shibei District, Qingdao
How to get there:
Take Bus No. 6 and get off at Taishan Road. The street is within your walking distance.
Take No. Bus 604 (circle) and get off at the crossing of Liaoning Road and Taishan Road, then walk about 223 meters to get there;
Take Bus 305 and get off at Keji Street, then walk about 458 meters to get there;
Take the beer festival custom bus No. 4 and get off at Taishan Road, then walk about 208 meters to reach
Nearby attractions: Qingdao Sky City, St. Paul's Church, Qingdao Customs Museum

4. Pichai Courtyard Food Street

pichai courtyard food street

Pichai Courtyard is located at Zhongshan Road, close to Qingdao Railway Station. Visitors who come to Qingdao can look for local food here. The Weichai Courtyard is not big, but as “the sparrow is small and yet complete”, numerous stalls are set up here. Seafood such as crabs, big scallops, squid of different sizes as well as tofu and Cangzhou fried dumplings are all available.

Recommendations: Pichaiyuan No. 25 Seafood Stalls, Time-honored Pichaiyuan Fried Dumplings and Pichaiyuan 1903
Address: Zhongshan Road CBD, including the communities of Zhongshan Road, Beijing Road, Hebei Road and Tianjin Road.
How to get there:
Take bus No.6 and No.231 and get off at the Chinese Theater. Walk for another 280 meters and you will get there.
Take Bus No. 228 and get off at the crossing of Zhongshan Road and Dexian Road, then walk about 290 meters to get there;
Take No. 5 Internet Rapid and get off at Zhongshan Road, then walk about 210 meters to get there.
Nearby attractions: Qingdao Trestle Scenic Area, Qingdao German Prison Site Museum, Lao She Park and Guanxiangshan Park

5. Taitung Food Street

taitung food street

No one can resist the temptation of the snack street in Taidong. Taitung Pedestrian Street is bustling and distinctive. Stinky tofu can be bought in a row after queueing for ten meters. There are sour and spicy powders as well as cool Jixi Korean noodles. Every night, the Korean-style barbecue shed will be put on along the street. Taitung's snacks can be found in every corner. Some hotels have special decorations, while others are just food stalls on the street. Anyone can find the things they love.

Recommendations: Huang Beijing Roast Duck, Bernia, Qinghai Japanese Ramen, Zhang’s Steamed Vermicelli Roll.
Address: South of the intersection of Weihai Road and Taidong Pedestrian Street, Shibei District, Qingdao
How to get there:
Take Bus No. 217 and get off at Guokou Road, then walk about 177 meters to get there; Take Bus No. 1 and get off at Weihai Station. Walk for about 435 meters to get there;
Take Bus No. 306 and get off at Taidong Station. Walk for about 490 meters to get there.
Take Bus No. 372 Internet Rapid and get off at Jingyu Bridge Station. Walk for 235 meters to get there.
Attractions nearby: Qingdao Sky City, Culture Park, Lohas Park and Qingdao Qinghe Road Church

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