Datong Weather in August

Datong Weather in August

August is also one of the hottest months in Datong, when the highest temperature still reaches 33℃/91.4℉. However, there is a lot of rainfall during this month.

Average Maximum Average Minimum Highest Maximum Lowest Minimum
28 16 33 11
82.4 60.8 91.4 51.8

Sunny Days: 7 days
Cloudy Days: 4 days
Overcast Days: 3 days
Rainy Days: 17 days

What to wear and bring

Early August
Early August is the hottest period during the month, when the highest temperature stays around 33℃/91.4℉. There are more sunny days, with a few light rainy days. It is recommended that you wear short sleeves, vests, skirts and shorts, etc. Before you go out, remember to bring rain gear.

Compared to early August, the temperature during this period is a bit lower. There are likely to be several days with rainfall. You should carry rain gear when going out. Wear the coolest clothing possible, such as skirts, shorts, sandles etc.

Late August
In late August, the weather situation is similar to the middle of the month. There are rainy and cloudy days. It is recommended that you wear cool clothing such as a vest, and a skirt or lightweight pants. Because of rainy days, the ground is often wet and slippery, and you need to avoid falling by wearing non-slip shoes.

Historical Datong Weather in August

historical datong weather in augustclick here to enlarge
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