Chengdu Weather in April

Chengdu Weather in April

April in Chengdu is usually nice weather. Compared to March, the temperature is higher. The highest maximum temperature is about 30°C/86°F. It is a bit hot on a few days, but you also need to keep warm at other times.

Average Maximum Average Minimum Highest Maximum Lowest Minimum
9 2 15 -2
48.2 35.6 59 28.4

What to wear and bring?

Early April It gets hot in early April, and the maximum temperature is 30°C/86°F. During Tomb-Sweeping Day, the minimum temperature is usually about 6°C/42.8°F. It is a good idea to be prepared with a long sleeved shirt, some trousers and a jacket.


It is cooler in mid-April when it rains. The maximum temperature is usually around 25°C/77°F. Maybe you could dress in something made of light cotton and bring rain gear to go out.

Late April

With the late April weather stability, the temperature is between 14°C/57.2°F and 29°C/84.2°F. There are only likely to be a couple of days of rain, but it is better to go outside with your rain gear. At the same time you can try to wear cool clothes such as a short-sleeved shirt and shorts.

Historical Chengdu Weather in April

historical chengdu weather in aprilclick here to enlarge
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