China Packing Tips: What to Bring when Travel to China

China Packing Tips: What to Bring when Travel to China
By Ruth Wickham
Chief Editor & Writer

Carry On Luggage

Carry-on Luggage
Checklist – Have I bought or packed ... Bought Packed
Travel Documents e.g. passport & visa, copy of itinerary/ confirmation letter, voucher, etc.
Money Belt/Wallet/Purse
Prescription medication & doctors letter authorizing it
Cash ($US, HK$, RMB etc) &Credit cards
Basic Toiletries for long flight/train journey (under 100ml each)
Camera (+batteries&charger)
Day pack – carry your water bottle, snacks, tissues, umbrella
Ear plugs – in case it maybe too noisy
A change of underwear & socks
Shower proof jacket- in case it is raining on arrival
Book or reading material

Main Luggage

Main Luggage
Checklist – Have I bought or packed ... Bought Packed
Underwear & socks
T-shirts/Jeans/casual pants/skirts/shorts/dresses
Jumper/cardigans/light jackets
Pajamas-modest; some nights may be cold
A set of good clothes
Sun hat, sunscreen & sunglasses
Warm beanie/hat
Electrical adaptors – check the voltage
Personal First Aid (hydration sachets etc)
Good Comfortable Footwear
Eyewear / Contact lens gear
Insect repellent (containing DEET- N, N-diethy1-meta-toluamide for malaria prevention)
Padlocks (for locking your bags)
Pen – always have a pen handy for filling in forms
Slippers / thongs / sandals / flip flops
Toiletries- toothbrush& paste, soap/gel, face washer, shampoo/conditioner, hairbrush/comb, deodorant, hand sanitizer etc
Torch / Flashlight (small)
Towel (small)
Travel insurance full details, including T&C
Wet wipes / tissues / hand gel (including multiple soft packets of tissues for use as toilet paper)
Spare plastic bags-for laundry, wet shoes
Spare memory cars for your camera
A display folder-for photocopies of itinerary, passport & other travel documents and spare passport photos. It can also be used to store other memorabilia of the trip.

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