Tianzi Mountain

king mountain in the needle karst
Tianzi Mountain

Formerly known as Qingyan Mountain, it was named after the Tujia leader of the local peasant uprising, Xiang Dakun, who claimed to be the Tianzi (son of the heaven). As one of the four scenic spots of Wulingyuan, it starts from Tianzi Pavilion in the east and ends in Jiangjun Rock in the west. Its south end reaches Zhangjiajie National Forest. The park stretches for nearly forty kilometers and has a total area of 64 square kilometers. The highest point is Tianzi Mountain with an elevation of 1262.5 meters. The minimum elevation of the scenic area is 534 meters. The uprising happened during the Song Dynasty. When it failed, the leader was buried here.

Quick Facts
  • Chinese Name: 天子山 Tiānzǐ shān
  • Duration: 2-3 hours
  • Entrance fee: included in the entrance fare of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park
  • Opening hours: 7:00-18:00
  • Address: in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. Please refer to the guide map
  • Best time to visit: spring and fall
  • How to get there: Take a coach from Zhangjiajie Coach Station. The trip is about 1.5 hours.Or the direct coach to Tianzishan Scenic Area will take tourists there.

Highlights at Tianzi Mountain

Tianzi Mountain is in the hinterland of Wulingyuan, towering above its surroundings. When looking into the distance from the main peak of Tianzi Mountain, tourists can have a awe-inspiring panoramic view. All the scenic area can be seen in layers at that point. Tianzi Mountain is not only dangerous, but also gives a mysterious and quiet feeling. The bizarre rock forests are difficult to forget. Countless halberd (combined spear and battle-axe) like stone peaks are standing in the area, like military troops with an imposing manner. Tourists usually marvel at the impressive sight. The waves of clouds, the glory of the moon, the sunglow as the sun rises, and the snowfall in the winter are the four wonders of Tianzi Mountain.

The clouds on the mountains are infinitely changing, and their manners are numerous. Sometimes they are like the tumbling rivers and seas, and at other times they are like light gauze. At sunrise or sunset, the Tianzi Mountain blazes in the glow.

field up in the air Field up in the Air

1. Field up in the Air (Kongzhong tianyuan)

The field is located on the right side of Tianzi Mountain Villa, about 2 kilometers from the Tujia Zhai (Village). To reach there, one has to pass the Tiger Mouth and the Lovers Road. It is more than 1,000 meters above sea level. Below the aerial field is the abyss. Above the hundreds of meters of cliffs, there is the 3-hectare sloped trapezoidal field. The field in the clouds is surrounded by tall trees. Tourists feel like they are traveling through a Chinese landscape painting. Ascend to the Fields up in the Air, the clouds and the breeze make people feel like they are standing in heaven. With the singing birds and the running fountain people sense that they have escaped the bounds of earthliness.

2.Tianzi Peak

On the southwest side of the Tea Tray Tower, there is a mountain peak with an altitude of more than 1200 meters. This is the Tianzi (heaven's son) Mountain. The heaven's son is holding an arrow in his right hand, looking at the land and ordering his army. He is well armed and a fight is on. This image is the legendary, "Xiangwang Tianzi" as the peasant uprising leader in the Song Dynasty. The mountain is named to commemorate his heroic deed.

fairy spreading flowers Fairy Spreading Flowers

3.Fairy Spreading Flowers

The peak that resembles a fairy spreading flowers is right opposite Yubi (Tianzi's writing brushes) Peak. The rolling clouds isolate numerous cliffs into islands. The gorgeous-lady-like peak is standing up in the air. The fog driven by the wind adds more charm to the peak. Upon closer inspection, she is clearly wearing a flower. One hand is holding a lovely basket and the other hand is spreading flowers into the secular world. She is wearing a smile on her face. The green bushes on the top and the flowers at the middle and foot of the peak are typically beautiful at the end of spring.

4.Xianren Bridge

The 60-70-meter-high, Xianren (immortal) Bridge appears to fly over the cliffs on both sides of a strait. The natural gift has been marveled at by people since long ago. The ancient people thought highly of the masterpiece. Xianren Bridge is made of red sandstone. Tall pinus hwangshanensis (Huangshan pines) and rhododendron grow at both ends. There are also natural steps on the east end of the bridge. But the structure is not for the faint hearted as it is so close to an impasse.

tianzi pavilionTianzi Pavilion

5.Tianzi Pavilion

The Tianzi Pavilion offers a place to look out over the panorama of the spectacular Tianzi Mountain. The six-story Pavilion is 30 meters high. The vintage building has multiple roofs that range over the whole pavilion. It has reinforced concrete column bases, stone railings, granite floors, Chinese catalpa wooden doors and windows as well as golden glazed tiles. The pavilion has cliffs on its three sides. The mountains and peaks are all easily visible within a glance.