The Oriental Pearl Tower

The Landmark of Shanghai
The Oriental Pearl Tower

As an old saying goes: one who fails to reach the Great Wall is not a true man. Similarly, what a pity it is if you miss the Oriental Pearl Tower when visiting Shanghai! As the landmark of Shanghai, the Oriental Pearl Tower is located at the Lujiazui of Pudong District in Shanghai, confronting the Bund across the river. It is 468 m high and consists of 11 spheres of different sizes. The design is derived from the fantastic conception of “pearls falling into a jade plate”.

Quick Facts
  • Chinese name: 东方明珠塔 Dōng Fāng Míng Zhū Tǎ
  • Duration: 2 to 3 hours
  • Entrance Fee: RMB 220 (including the space capsule, the higher sphere, the lower sphere and the exhibition hall)
  • Opening hours: Full day
  • Best time to visit All year round
  • How to get there:
    Bus Lines: Take Bus No.81, 82, 85, 583, 774, 795, 798, 799, 870 or Lujiazui sightseeing tour line and get off at the Lujiazui station.
    Subway lines: Take Line No.2 and get off at the Lujiazui station.

Highlights of Oriental Pearl Tower

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You can appreciate the urban scenery of both banks of Huangpu River from the three main spheres at different heights. And you can enjoy the full view of Shanghai in a unique way like “walking in the air” when standing on the 259-meter-high transparent observatory. When night falls, you can climb up to the sightseeing floor to look out over the sleepless city.

Shanghai History Museum

By adopting the exhibition approach of “integrating exhibits into the scene”, the Museum demonstrates the century-old history of changes as it combines multimedia, sound and light technology and includes cultural relics, props and wax statues through high-tech means.

The Lower Sphere

Fixed 98 meters above the ground level, the Lower Sphere houses the Space Recreation City with abundant activities such as multidimensional movies, 360°holographic 5D movie, VR roller coaster and Namco Electronic Entertainment World, and animation specialty stores popular among young people.

The Higher Sphere

The Higher Sphere is the essence of the Oriental Pearl Tower. By taking the luxury elevator in the check-in hall, you can steadily reach the 263-meter-high sightseeing floor at the speed of 7m/s within 40 s. It is a rare experience in the Oriental Pearl Tower. The famous transparent observatory is 259 m high, the main sightseeing floor is 263 m high, and the revolving restaurant is 267 m high.

Oriental Pearl Tower Revolving Restaurant can accommodate 350 guests. Its VIP room has a luxury round table, back-rest chairs and leisure sofas for 20 guests. It seems like a fairyland on earth with the magnificent backlight reflecting the night scene of the Oriental Pearl Tower on the glue-etched glass. You can have a commanding view of Huangpu River when staring out of the spacious and bright French sphere glazed window. It is designed to turn a circle every 2 hours so as to present the general view of Shanghai.

The Space Capsule

The 351-meter-high Space Capsule demonstrates the scientific charm of space scenery and China’s space exploration program by technological means. It is also the highest sightseeing floor of the Oriental Pearl Tower. On a clear day, you can look out over the Sheshan Mountain and Chongming Island.

Travel Tips:

  1. Since the Oriental Pearl Tower is a popular tourist destination, you may have to queue up, especially on holidays. So it is better to get there in the morning. It is recommended to select sunny days for better sightseeing.
  2. The Oriental Pearl Tower provides wheelchairs for free.
  3. Every mid-September, you can enjoy the splendid tower light show during the Shanghai Tourism Festival, New Year’s Eve, and other major festivals. It is another wonderful experience to tour the Bund or appreciate the Oriental Pearl Tower by sightseeing boat on the Huangpu River.
  4. The check-in hall of the Oriental Pearl Tower sets a 20 ㎡ cloak room for tourists to deposit ordinary items. But tourists need to carry valuables with them.
  5. Catering: As to the Oriental Pearl Tower Revolving Restaurant, window tables have to be booked at least ten days in advance, and other tables at least five days in advance. Besides, the Shanghai International Press Center below the Oriental Pearl Tower has the “Old Shanghai No.8”.
By Shirley Li
Web Editor