The Site Museum of Former German Governor's Residence

The Site Museum of Former German Governor's Residence

This is in the center of the historical district of Qingdao. This area used to be called Jiao’ao. It used to be the residence of the Governor when the place was occupied by the Germans, and two governors have lived here. The work of a German architect, the architectural style of the residence combines the typical architectural style of the Williamian era in Germany with the architectural style of Art Nouveau.

Quick Facts
  • Chinese name: 青岛德国总督楼旧址博物馆 Dé Guó Zǒng Dū Lóu Jiù Zhǐ Bó Wù Guǎn
  • Constructed:1907
  • Estimated visit duration: 1-2 hous
  • Ticket: for off season, RMB 13 and for peak season, RMB 20
  • Address: No. 26, Yushan Road, Shinan District, Qingdao
  • Open hours: For peak season (April 1 - October 31), 8:30 - 18:00
    For off season (October 1 - March 31), 8:30 -17:00
  • Best time to visit: All year round
  • How to get there:
    Take Metro Line 3 to get off at People's Hall, or take Bus No. 312, 321, 304, 26, 316 or 501 and get off at University Road Station.

Highlights of the Museum

The Mansion of former German Governors is located at the southern foot of Signal Hill. Later, it was adapted into a hotel. This German castle-style building shows the decoration of European royale. It is elegant in style and luxuriously decorated. All visitors who come to Qingdao would like to see the mansion. Some furniture and old photos of those times are well kept in the exhibition hall.

The Architecture Style

the architecture of style

The yellow walls are irregularly inlaid with granite stone for decoration, and the mainly red-tiled roof also has sections with blue and green roofs. A decoration of a German ancient battleship is extended from the eaves – the Normandy faucet. It is a construction that is from the world of fairy tales. The exterior of the hotel is rich in color. People can take photos from outside, but it is forbidden to take pictures inside.

Second floor of the Governor Mansion

The second floor is the place where the Governor mainly used to entertain guests. Chairman Mao once stayed in Rm 103. A crystal mirror is placed in the dining room; the crystal lamp was hung at the top of the hall, and an emerald was embedded in the fireplace at the corner; there is a precious ivory piano in the ballroom. The chandelier is inlaid with gemstones; on the second floor, there is a road leading to a large flower house. All of the furnishings are magnificent!

Third floor of the Governor's Mansion

The third floor is mainly taken up with the bedroom and office of the Governor. The first room seen on the upper floor is the cardroom; there is a nursery room next door, in which all the items have no sharp points and the lights of the chandelier are soft for the sake of a baby’s eyes; there is also a crystal mirror in the bedroom. It is worth noting that there is a gun cabinet with one keyhole and no handle. It takes two hands to turn the two wooden posts at either side to open the cabinet door, so that a child could not access the pistol there.

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