Photography Tour in Guilin and Huangshan

Photography Tour in Guilin and Huangshan

CETPH-09: 10-day China natural landscape photography tour in Guilin and Huangshan

Guilin and Huangshan are both cities that are famous for their unique natural scenery. They are popular destinations for visitors and photographers from home and aboard. Photos taken by ordinary tourists tend to be similar without much distinction. So how do you shoot some really special photos? The key is to get to the right place at the right time. This tour will take you to explore some in-depth photo sites in Guilin and Huangshan, and you will capture some amazing sights.

Trip Highlights

  • Unique natural wonders photo shoot
  • Historical and cultural heritage sites visit
  • Professional photography guidance of the local guide
  • Highest flexibility to adjust the itinerary for photography needs
Suitable For: Photographers, Photo Lovers

Full itinerary for Photography Tour in Guilin and Huangshan

Day 1
Guilin Arrival

Arrive at Guilin Airport (KWL) or Railway Station, your guide and driver will be waiting for you at the arrival hall/exit. They will transfer you to the hotel in downtown Guilin.

Day 2
Guilin – Longsheng: Explore the Longji Rice Terraced Fields Area (breakfast & lunch)

Pack an overnight bag and meet your guide at your hotel lobby. We will drive to the Longji Terrace Scenic Area in Longsheng County. The ancestors of ethnic Minority Zhuang and Yao people developed the mountain area into these massive rice terraced fields 650 years ago. This is a perfect combination of nature and humanity.

terreced fields

Nine Dragons and Five Tigers Scenic Area

Arrive at Ping'an Village, we will walk to our hotel and drop off the baggage. Lunch will be served in the local restaurant. You must try the local fried bamboo shoots with mushrooms.


In the afternoon, we will explore two viewing platforms, Seven Stars with Moon and Nine Dragons and Five Tigers in the village. Along the trail, you can take photos of the local wooden houses and rice terraces. We will hire some local ladies in their traditional costume for portrait photography of the Minority Zhuang and Yao people.

the zhuang people

The Zhuang People

Stay overnight in Ping'an Village after we have shot the photos of sunset at the viewing platform of Nine Dragons and Five Tigers.

Day 3
Longsheng – Guilin: Morning sunrise at Longji (breakfast & lunch)

In the early morning, follow your guide to wait for the sunrise at Seven Stars with Moon. Then we will get back to the hotel and have breakfast.

terraced fields

Seven Stars with Moon Scenic Area

Pack your bag and check out, we will walk for 1.5 hours to the Ancient Zhuang Village and visit a local resident's 150-year-old wooden house. You will learn more about the minority Zhuang people's life from this trip.

village roof

Drive back to Guilin City and enjoy some free time for the rest of the day. We will catch the sunrise the next day, so a good sleep is essential.

Day 4
Guilin – Yangshuo: Breathtaking view of the Karst landscape (breakfast & lunch)

Xianggong Hill is known as the best spot for sunrise photography in this limestone formation area in Guilin. The earlier you get to the top of Xianggong Hill, the better the spot you will take. You will see the sun rising behind the Karst peaks and the Li River as it is winding between the hills.

xianggong hill

After we have enjoyed the sunrise on the top of Xianggong Hill, we will drive to Fuli Bridge. You can take photos of this five hundred-year-old stone bridge and the pure clear Yulong River.

fuli bridge

It is about 30mins drive from Fuli Bridge to Yangshuo County. We will check in at the hotel in Yangshuo. You have time to have lunch and take a break in the hotel.

In the late afternoon, we will continue our trip to Xingping Town, which is about a 40 minute drive. Walking through the old town area, we will get to the side of the Li River. You can shoot photos of a fisherman with his cormorants on the river at dusk. This is a very classical way to record the local fisherman's daily life.

a fisherman
Day 5
Yangshuo: Biking along the Yulong River (breakfast & lunch)

Today, you don't need to wake up so early. You will be refreshed after a full night's sleep and then go for a biking tour with your guide in the countryside of Yangshuo. You can photograph some peaceful scenes along the Yulong River. There are many places and scenes for your photographic expression such as the pure clear water, the water buffalo, the rice paddy, the limestone peaks and the old houses.


Yangshuo Countryside


Your guide is a local expert who can adjust the route according to your photography progress. Street photography and portrait photography can be arranged based on your interest.

yulong river

Yulong River

You will get back to the hotel in the afternoon and you may stroll around West Street in downtown Yangshuo for the rest of the day. There are a variety of souvenir stores, bars and restaurants for dinner.


Recommended Activity:
Impression Sanjie Liu is a very impressive light show in Yangshuo at night. The performance is a combination of landscape, culture, lights, singing and dancing.

Day 6
Yangshuo – Huangshan (breakfast)

Today, you will be transferred from your hotel to Guilin Airport (KWL), then take a plane to Huangshan.


Meet your guide and driver at the arrival hall of Huangshan Airport (TXN). Stay overnight in Huangshan City.


Recommended Activity:
You may walk around the old town area of Huangshan City at night. There are many traditional houses, shops, and restaurants in the area.

old street

Tunxi Old Street

Day 7
Huangshan: Impressive Hui-style architecture and the sunset at the Yellow Mountains (breakfast & lunch)

Check out and pack your luggage, we will drive to Hongcun Village and visit this beautiful place in the morning. Surrounded by mountains and rivers, Hongcun Village has a long history of 890 years. Over 100 ancient folk residences are well-preserved in the village. Follow your guide, and you will get some charming photos at certain spots. The ancient houses, reflections, lanterns and wood carvings make the pictures of this area like traditional Chinese ink paintings.

hongcun village

Lunch will be arranged in a local restaurant.


Drive to the Yellow Mountains in the afternoon. The Yellow Mountains are some of the most famous mountains in China. The mountain rage includes 72 peaks. We will stay 2 nights on the top and walk to some nice spots for photography.

We will take the cable car from Yungu Cable Station to the White Goose Ridge Stop. Then, follow your guide and take a walk to your hotel. On the way, you will see the Black Tiger Pine and the viewing spot called the Flower Grown out of a Writing Brush Rock. Yellow Mountains is famous for its strange-shaped peaks and vivid rocks. You need a good imagination if you are going there.


The Flower Grown out of a Writing Brush Rock

Check in at your hotel and take a break. In the late afternoon, grab your outfit and go with your guide to take the photos of the sunset at the Cloud Dispelling Pavilion. It is one of the best spots to enjoy the magnificent scene of the sunset in the Yellow Mountains area.

1, We will stay two nights in the Yellow Mountain Area and there are many steps in the mountains. Therefore, we suggest that you prepare two nights’ baggage. The remaining luggage can be kept safely in the storage room at the entrance gate.
2, The weather in the mountains is very unpredictable and we need to hike from one spot to another. Thus you need to prepare a proper outfit, such as a head lamp, a warm and water-proof jacket, hiking boots, a backpack, and snacks, etc.

Day 8
Huangshan: Photo shoot at the most famous spots in the Yellow Mountains (breakfast & lunch)

Wake up before dawn and walk to the viewing platform of the Beginning to Believe Peak (1668m/5472ft). The sunrise there is always unforgettable and is reputed as the most beautiful sunrise in the Yellow Mountains area. Then we will get back to hotel and have breakfast.

After having a rest, we will hike to the Bright Summit (1841m/6040ft). That is one of the highest peaks, so that most of the famous peaks can be seen from up there. It is worth it to spend time at the Bright Summit and take fine photos from different angles.


Keep walking for approximately 20 mins, that is the viewing spot of Qunfeng Peak. You can over-look the Xihai Grand Canyon from this place. The sea of clouds, strange rocks, and strange pines are very impressive.


The Flying-over Rock is the last spot today. It looks like a huge meteorite that has fallen from outer space, hence the name. There are many oddly shaped rocks in the Yellow Mountains, and this is the most iconic one. Meanwhile, this place is a perfect spot for sunset photography. You can wait for the sunset here if the weather is fine. Then walk back to the hotel from the Flying-over Rock.

The Flying-over Rock
Day 9
Huangshan: Going down the mountain and learn the local history in Chengkan Village (breakfast & lunch)

Walk to the Lion Peak before dawn and wait for the sunrise. When the sun rises and if the sea of clouds appears, you can see the scene called A Monkey Watching the Sea. There is a monkey-like stone that stands alone at the top of a mountain, hence the name. That is one of the most famous views in the Yellow Mountains.


A Monkey Watching the Sea

Back to the hotel and have breakfast after the photography at the Lion Peak. Check out and hike to the Yuping Cable Station. We will take the cable car down the mountain from there.
On the way to the cable station, you can't miss these famous spots, such as the Turtle Fish Peak, the Lotus Peak and the Guest-greeting Pine.


Guest-greeting Pine


Retrieve your luggage and have lunch nearby, and we will drive to Chengkan Village afterwards. Your hotel for tonight is right in the village. Staying in this 1800-year-old village, it will be more convenient for you to explore the village, shoot the ancient architecture, and learn about the local history. Or you can just relax and enjoy the peace and quiet moment in the village.


Ma Tau Wall (the important feature of Hui-style architecture)

Day 10
Huangshan departure (breakfast)

You will be transferred to Huangshan Railway Station or Huangshan Airport (TXN) today. You may take bullet train or plane from Huangshan to the next destination.

Featured Hotel

  Comfortable Deluxe
Guilin Guilin Bravo Hotel Sheraton Guilin Hotel
Longsheng Longji Ping An Hotel Longsheng Li An Lodge
Yangshuo Green Lotus Hotel Green Lotus Hotel
Huangshan City Huangshan International Hotel Crowne Plaza Huangshan Yucheng
The Yellow Mountains Baiyun Hotel (the first night)
Xihai Hotel (Building B)
Baiyun Hotel (the first night)
Xihai Hotel (Building A)
Chengkan Village Shilily Yongxin Hostel Shilily Yongxin Hostel

What's Included in the Tour Price?

  • Photography guides, drivers and vehicles for land transportation
  • Accommodation with daily breakfast in comfortable hotels
  • Meals as listed in the itinerary
  • Entrance fees to all attractions as listed
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