Cang Mountain

Cang Mountain

Located on the west of Erhai Lake, its highest peak is Malong Peak. The snow on the mountain is the best of the Four Famous Scenes (wind, flowers, snow and moon) in Dali. The weather in the mountains is unpredictable, and there are beautiful clouds such as ‘Wangfuyun’ and ‘Jade Belt Cloud’.

Quick Facts
  • Chinese name: 苍山 Cāng shān
  • Suggested time: 7-8 hours
  • Ticket: 40 yuan per person
    Gantong cableway ticket 80 yuan (round trip), Cangshan cableway ticket 182 yuan (one way, including Cang Mountain ticket), round trip 282 yuan (including Cang Mountain ticket, T Dali Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils Film Studio ticket and battery car costs)
  • Address: Xiyingxiang Road, Dali City
  • Open hours: 9.00 – 16.00
  • Best time to visit: March to May (azaleas season)
  • How to get there:
    You can walk for 20 minutes to Cangshan cable way ticket office from the ancient city of Dali, or take the No. 4 bus and get off at Daxingpan stop to Xiaogan cableway ticket office.

Highlight of the mountains

Cang Mountain is not just a mountain, but a collection of several mountain peaks. The so-called Cang Mountain is actually a carrier of our expectations of Dali City and as such it is considered to be the origin of everything in Dali.

jade belt cloudJade Belt Cloud

Jade Belt Cloud

It is often clear after the rain. When the blue sky is washed, you will be lucky to see a milky white cloud band, looking like a jade belt, floating on Cang Mountain. Step lightly on the jade belt road in the clouds while you are climbing. Then clouds are scattered all over the sky, and looking between the clouds, you can see the scenery of the green corn fields.

Wangfu Cloud (Husband Waiting Cloud)

The cloud is a symbol of time and space as, along with the vaporous mist among the azaleas, it gradually condenses to form a magical cloudscape. The locals say that it represents love and even seems to have a gender that is consistent with its form and temperament – a lady who is waiting for her husband.

Butterfly Spring

butterfly springButterfly Spring

In the Butterfly Spring, the clear pool is adorned with crystal pebbles, while the water constantly bubbles up through the fine white sand. Nothing will ever disturb the peace that surrounds this small spring pool. The little butterfly spring is hidden in the shade of a tree, drawing the fascination and thoughts of the people of the world.

Qingbi River (the First of the Cang Eighteen Creeks)

‘Qingbi River returned without looking at the water’ as a poem said. It is a model for all the water in Dali. Visitors who stand in front of it can see the water like a dragon wearing a gorge, and several waterfalls on the cliff tumble down. Even as it falls from the heaven, it will form a pool of sparkling liquid. The water in the pool is like jade, and the pebble grains are spherical. The waterfall splashes forming thousands of jade pearls as the sun shines through it, showing off its colorful sheen.

Nineteen Peaks

nineteen peaksNineteen Peaks

The ‘Nineteen Peaks’ support the loftiness of the sky, the thick history of the millennia, and reflect one of the most unique and magical lifestyles. At the apex of Cang Mountain, you can feel the engraving of history; Cang Mountain is like a screen, dividing its east and west into two distinct styles. The ascent of the majestic peaks has risen from the eons of the ages, and Cang Mountain still stands proudly in front of us. The nineteen peaks of the screen appear like lively dragons.

Eighteen Creeks

The Eighteen Streams are all on Cang Mountain. The intriguing thing that you might notice is the purity of the streams which still haven’t been contaminated. The water of the Eighteenth Stream was believed to be from the sky.

Travel Tips: There are two ways to reach the peak of Cang Mountain, taking the cableway or on foot. There are two cableways which have two routes to Qingbi River or Zhonghe Temple and Xima Lake.

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