Travel Reviews from Schools and Customers

  • Customer's Name: Nick from Australia
  • Traveled with Leon & CET in: April 2018

What did Nick say about our service:

Hi Leon,
I just wanted to take the opportunity to say how much we enjoyed our China vacation. The Guides we had - Nancy, Frances and Darcy all did a great job and made our vacation very special.

Thanks again, I will be sure to give your company good scores on TripAdvisor.


  • School Name: Roosevelt Middle School, San Francisco, CA
  • Traveled with CET in: March, 2018
  • Tour Leader: Cathy Chen

What did Cathy say about our service:

Hi Carol,
I can't believe it's been 3 weeks since we returned from China. I wanted to thank you again for all your help as we planned the first 8th grade Roosevelt Middle School (RMS) China trip. The feedback we received from the students and chaperones about the activities, your guides, etc. were excellent.

If you have other schools in the United States who are contemplating using your tour company, feel free to have them email Alex or myself as references.

Please take care. I will talk with you sometime in late 2019 to plan for RMS China Trip 2020. You'll have other main contacts for the two earlier trips. Thank you!


  • Customer's Name: Rosemary Cotter
  • Traveled with Carol & CET in: October 2017

What did Rosemary Cotter say about our service:

Dear Carol,

Thank you so much for all your help and support during our trip. It was a wonderful experience for us. I have travelled internationally before but never have travelled through an agency. I have shared with many of our friends and family how easy it was working with you and your associates. Your making these excellent arrangements allowed me to concentrate on my daughter and our family and support them as we experienced this return together. It was life-giving for us.

I have included a copy of the review below. If you have anyone who would like to speak with someone about a trip like ours, please do not hesitate to refer them.

Rosemary Cotter

Wonderful Family Heritage Tour

Our family wanted to travel together to visit my daughter's orphanage and finding site as well as experience Chinese people and culture. Carol from China Educational Tours helped us plan our trip from Guangzhou to Beijing providing domestic transportation and city drivers and translator/guides in each city. They proved to be one of the highlights of our trip! They were knowledgeable about their area and its history and able to make recommendations about restaurants. They were also willing to engage with us and talk about their lives so that we could learn more deeply what it means to live in China today. Carol was also able to arrange for us to visit with two families who welcomed us to tea, and provide experiences hiking, biking and taking classes in Chinese cooking and Tai Chi. After spending a day with us, one of our guides recommended a change in our schedule to include a tour that we had not thought of. No problem--arrangements were made and we had a wonderful time.

I highly recommend this agency for their professionalism, knowledge and flexibility.

  • School Name: Leongatha Primary School
  • Traveled with Michael & CET in: 2017
  • Principal: Rob Higgins

What did Rob say about our service:

Hi Michael,

Sorry this has taken so long but travelling is such busy work and we both decided today to have a quiet day and catch up on a lot of things.

The guides in each city were very good, helpful, friendly and very supportive. What impressed me the most is they were able to give just the right amount of information for our group. When we first did these trips the guides tried to give too much information and the children lost interest. This time all the guides kept it short and relevant. A particular mention to Windy in Xi’an, she was excellent. Having a WeChat account meant that I shared contacts with each guide and they were able to assist at all times.

Your charges are incredible, service is 100%. I always feel safe travelling to China because I know I always have a support network behind me if I need assistance. Having WeChat to communicate directly with you and the local guides is just about essential.

  • Customer's Name: Tanya Bizon
  • Traveled with Michael & CET in: July 2017

What did Tanya say about our service:

Hello, Michael!

I’ m so sorry it took me so long time to reply! Yes, I had a great time and experience in China, and I would love to share my pics and feedback with you! The tour guides were basically pampering me! Very attentive and super creative and flexible. It was great!

I definitely will recommend your company. You are the best! When I read your reviews on Trip Advisor, they were all excellent and it actually scared me off a bit- they were too good! However, I wholeheartedly support them all!

Thank you for a great trip and experience! I felt so much loved in China because I am Russian :) I didn't realize the Chinese loved the Russians so much. I even had a chance to talk to some older people in Russian about Russia. They were older singers in a park in Beijing. Great memories!


  • Customer's Name: Wayne and Janine Grincais
  • Traveled with Michael & CET in: July 2017

What did Wayne and Janine Grincais say about our service:

Hi Michael,

Sorry it’s taken me a couple of weeks to get back to you. I had opened the email and then forgotten about it until I remembered today.

Our tour was excellent in every aspect; all the tour guides we had were excellent and had good knowledge of the local area. The guides were great to talk with and to learn the culture and different customs of china and its people, I don’t think and part of the itinerary was more memorable than any other part, yes the great wall and the terracotta warriors were great but so was every other part of our tour. I would recommend China Educational tours to any Australian’s and our friends. On our tour we had total trust in the guides who provided valuable information on thing we could do after their official tour had finished each day. We managed to learn simple tourist words in mandarin and our guides and drivers became friends while we were with them.

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  • Customer's Name: Renee Hurst
  • Traveled with Michael & CET in: July 2017

What did Renee Hurst say about our service:

Hi, Michael!

We had a fabulous tour, and I would highly recommend your company to anyone planning a tour of China. From the initial planning stage to the actual tour, your service couldn't have been better. We were impressed by your flexibility, and the tour went off without a single hitch -- with the exception of several flight delays, which you couldn't control. In fact, thanks to our amazing guide in Yichang, we ended up grateful for the delay. Instead of dropping us off at the airport at the scheduled time, she suggested a foot massage that turned out to be one of the highlights of our trip. (I'd recommend that you offer all our guests that option!) The fact that you took time to meet us for dinner while we were in Xi'an shows your commitment to your guest's satisfaction and to the best possible service.
Honestly, I can't say enough good things about your company, our guides and our trip. It was fabulous, and it would be my privilege to serve as a reference.
Thank you for the trip of a lifetime!
Renee Hurst

  • Customer's Name: Elisabeth yates
  • Traveled with Carol & CET in: June 2017

What did Elisabeth say about our service:

Dear Carol,
At last we are home and sorted so that I can reply to your email.
1. All of the Tour Guides were excellent. They had excellent command of English and very good local knowledge and also knowledge of Chinese History. They were flexible in rearranging activities.
2. From your first reply to my email we were extremely impressed with the professional way that your company was run. The planning of the itinerary for us was impeccable, there was always someone to meet us, the guides were extremely caring and professional and were able to be flexible in the itinerary . We have already been recommending your company to others.
3. Carol, your choice of hotels was very good and we felt comfortable in them.
We would again like to thank you for your excellent organization. We really enjoyed our trip of a lifetime.
Very best wishes,
Elisabeth and Rodney Yates

  • Customer's Name: Leong Becky
  • Traveled with Carol & CET in: November 2016

What did Becky say about our service:

Thanks Carol,
They are very happy , no complain at all. They told me if I ever need testimony, they can vouch for me.
Thanks so much Carol, Hope the new year brings more business.

  • Customer's Name: Sunny Lau
  • Traveled with Carol & CET in: Sept. 2016

What did Sunny say about our service:

Hi Michael,
I want to express my gratitude! Thank you so much for organize the trip for us! With prompt emails and helpful suggestions, you did an excellent job at planning our tailored trip to Guilin. I was very impressed with the level of service and professionalism in the planning of our trip. You are professional, very responsive, and thoughtful. Your pricing is fair. My only regret was I didn't get a chance to meet you in person when I was in Guilin.

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  • Customer's Name: Katie Kermond
  • Traveled with Michael & CET in: Aug. 2016

What did Katie say about our service:

Thank you again Michael so very much - you and your team where fantastic and made our family holiday one to cherish for a long time to come !!!! We would highly recommend you to all.
Katie Kermond

  • School Name: Lehi High School
  • Customer's Name: Damon Macdonald
  • Traveled with Carol & CET in: Jun. 2016

What did Damon say about our service:

We had a great experience with China Educational Tours in Guilin and Yangshuo. Michael and Carol took care of us as we biked around town and visited a 300+ year old residence. The next day we took a short bus ride to a farm and made sticky rice cakes, planted potatoes and made baskets and tofu. Our group of 39 students split into 3 to learned taichi, traditional water-painting, and Chinese cooking.

We also visited the Reed Flute cave, and saw the breath-taking views of the 'Avatar' mountains in Zhangjiajie with our guide Victor. The guides were very flexible and able to adjust schedules and activities to the weather and accommodate our needs. This was a great learning experience, and the guides are outstanding.

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  • Customer's Name: Vicky & Charles
  • Traveled with Carol & CET in: Apr. 2016

What did Vicky say about our service:

Our driver, Mr Lei, was a very good driver; he was friendly, helpful and very professional. The vehicle was always clean and comfortable and we all felt very safe.

The whole tour was memorable and we enjoyed all the activities. The Bamboo Rafting and the Cormorant Fisherman were special. We also enjoyed the Bullet train ride to Guangzhou.

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  • School Name: Leongatha Primary School
  • Traveled with Michael & CET in: 2011,2012,2013,2014, 2015, 2016
  • Principal: Rob Higgins

What did Rob say about our service:

Another fantastic trip which is made so easy because we know that everything is so well organised by your company. I can concentrate on our students and our program knowing that the organization implemented by China Educational Tours will be 100% spot on. We look forward to continue this partnership.

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  • School Name: Lowanna College
  • Traveled with Michael & CET in: Sep. 2015
  • Assistant Principal: Joel Blythman

What did the participants say about our service:

"Great work guys. Your guides were really good easy to get along with and full of good information on each city and its surrounds. ".

  • School Name: Mirboo North Secondary College
  • Traveled with Michael & CET in: Sep 2015, 2016
  • Principal: Karen Lanyon

What did Karen say about our service:

China educational experience were extremely well organized and professional. The guides were informative and entertaining to both the adults and the children. The guides provided by China Educational Tours were first rate.The busses were all clean and I always felt safe whilst traveling.

  • School Name: Tarago Educational Community
  • Traveled with CET in: Mar. 2015
  • Principal: Jennifer Prout

What did Jennie say about our service:

From what I could see you were very well organized and covered all bases really well allowing for us to have a great experience. Considering we didn't want to do, we had the most amazing time ever! Just being there to experience the Chinese culture was amazing. I thought "Pan", the tour guide in Shanghai was amazing, if possible it would be awesome if he could be with us for the whole trip. Thank you for inviting us to experience 'the ways of life in another country'! Well organized and executed tour - thoroughly enjoyable.

  • School Name: Orbost Secondary College
  • Traveled with CET in: Mar. 2015
  • Leading Teacher : Darlene Steed

What did Darlene say about our service:

Once again I would like to sincerely thank you for the wonderful experience that the staff and students had in your beautiful country. The students are still excitedly telling people of their travels and are keen to return to China.

Jerry was a fantastic guide and provided great leadership and direction in his role. All the very best to you and your company and I hope that we can meet some day and continue taking groups to China with your assistance.

  • Customer's Name: Liz Godwin
  • Traveled with CET in: Dec. 2015

What did Liz say about our service:

Sorry not to have emailed you as soon as we returned home. I had intended to do this but soon became involved in family commitments.  We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to both Hong Kong and Shanghai. The most memorable day was the tour of Suzhou and Tongli town. This tour of a smaller village was enjoyed by all my family members.  However, we did enjoy every day organised.

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  • Customer's Name: Dorothy Brown & Mervyn Brown
  • Traveled with Carol & CET in: April 2018

What did Dorothy Brown & Mervyn Brown say about our service:

Hi Carol,
It was good to hear from you and we are very happy to help with feed back. We had a wonderful trip and it is difficult to point to one thing but I think the learning curve about China was tops for me. This is a direct result of the excellent guides and their always interesting chats. The right amount of information sprinkled with plenty of fascinating stories. I have been talking about your country ever since I returned. The format of our itinerary was excellent. Beijing and Xian: history. Guilin, Yellow Mountain, Hangzhou and Suzhou: scenic beauty. Shanghai: modern China.

We felt safe and well looked after while in China. When our driver did not turn up in Shanghai to take us to the airport we were impressed with how quickly the problem was solved and with the pleasantness of the new driver which eased our anxiety.

We will pass on your company details to friends and acquaintances who are interested in China and when Merv gives a talk on his trip to China to his "Men's Club" he will definitely refer to China Educational Tours.

We are happy to share some photos of the trip on your website and to share our memories on Trip Adviser.

It was special to meet you and thank you for taking the time to share a meal with us.

Best wishes,

  • Customer's Name: Su Yin Yu
  • Traveled with Carol & CET in: April 2018

What did Su Yin say about our service:

Hi Carol,
The trip overall was good.

William, the tour guide assigned was very detailed and helpful especially to my old aged parents.

Will definitely go by China Educational Tours for my next trip.

Many thanks for all assistance given.

Regards: Su Yin

  • Customer's Name: Bob and Sandy
  • Traveled with Michael & CET in: March 2018

What did Bob and Sandy say about our service:

Dear Michael,
Thank you for your help in visiting your country, China. Putting a person to a name was appreciated while having our delicious dinner with you in Guilin. So pleased we took a nighttime walk around the lake to view the beautiful scenery of the walkway and the bridges.

All the areas we visited were excellent guided by Jessica. Jessica gave us a clear understanding of many interesting facts in this area such as the vegetation, culture, ethnic groups and their way of life. Many facts such as the manufacturing of cars, licensing, traffic which we wouldn’t have even thought about were explained. The food at the rice paddies was excellent with the best beans we’ve had. The lunch (which we had read was not up to some people’s standard) on the river cruise was delicious and enjoyable. The cooking class with Linda at Yangshuo was excellent. The visit to the marketplace was educational with regards to the different foods offered.

Plenty of history here. Terracotta Warriors were very interesting. Unsure of why we didn’t see the film at the cinema there though (should have asked). Shaanxi Museum was a bit disappointing. I have read how busy it is (and it was), six people deep and able to view the priceless artifacts between heads and shoulders of the crowd. For us a day visiting the Terracotta Warriors, City Wall, and the Muslim Quarter would have been enough.

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  • Customer's Name: Allen
  • Traveled with Michael & CET in: Febuary 2018

What did Allen say about our service:

Hello Michael,
Our tour is over and I would like to say that everything was perfect. The guides spoke perfect English, were knowledeable , concerned and flexible. The itinerary was just right and timed perfectly. I will recommend you to everone.

Thank you,

  • Customer's Name: Stephen and Sarah
  • Traveled with Michael & CET in: June 2017

What did Stephen and Sarah say about our service:

Hi Michael,
As you probably saw from the feedback forms we filled out at the end of each tour, we found Cactus in Beijing and Darcy in Shanghai to be EXCEPTIONAL!! Both had a lot of knowledge about and passion for their respective cities. We thoroughly enjoyed them.

We will absolutely recommend CET to everyone we come in contact with. The communication between you in the office, the planning, connections, guides, transportation, hotels, meals provided were all excellent.

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  • Customer's Name: Eileen Coristine
  • Traveled with Michael & CET in: June 2017

What did Eileen say about our service:

Hi Michael,
Our tour guides were both friendly, welcoming, helpful, great problem solvers and flexible. They were also able to tell us a great deal of information about their city and the sites we visited.

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  • Customer's Name: Lauren & Alyssa
  • Traveled with Michael & CET in: May 2017

What did Lauren and Alyssa say about our service:

Hi Michael,

I had a wonderful time on my China trip. I felt that with each city, it kept getting better and better (could be because of the cultural shock that I first experienced when I arrived but got used to as the trip went on). Alyssa laughed because the longer I was in China, the more assimilated I became in terms of style. At the end of our trip in Hong Kong, she actually stopped to take a picture and couldn’t find me when she looked up because I looked too much “like everyone else”. You could say that I definitely felt like I was fitting in and having a good time despite the language barrier.

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  • Customer's Name: Richard & Liz
  • Traveled with Michael & CET in: May 2017

What did Richard and Liz say about our service:

Hello Michael,
Sorry it’s taken us a while to reply, we have been catching up with our children and grandchildren and had to wait until we got home to get something with a keyboard so it is a bit easier to type.
We really enjoyed our China tour. All the arrangements you made in the planning process went like clockwork. This as quite complex with flights and trains but there was time on each occasion, and were always met as planned. our hotels were good, and in good locations that enabled us to wander and explore ourselves in the free time we had.
More importantly when there was a hiccup, as with the driver in Chengdu it was dealt with promptly and efficiently. Thank you so much.
We lo received excellent value for the money we spent.
Kind regards,
Richard & Liz

  • Customer's Name: Heather and Karen Gardiner
  • Traveled with Michael & CET in: April 2017

What did Heather and Karen say about our service:

Dear Michael,

Sorry about the extensive delay in responding to your email.

You organised a wonderful tour for us, and we thoroughly enjoyed it, although I was a little underprepared for the physicality of it all, but the guides were all very aware of my limitations (I carry a stick) and did all they could to make things easier, they were fantastic. It was circumstance that led us to begin in Beijing and that meant, that as each leg came along it was less physical and I could really enjoy the amazing trip on the Yangtze and the incredible gardens of Shanghai and Suzhou, that was an amazing way to finish, and the bullet train return to Beijing, was perfect.

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  • Customer's Name: Margaret Cook
  • Traveled with Carol & CET in: April 2017

What did Margaret say about our service:

Hi Carol, We touched down in Sydney about an hour ago.
Firstly would just like to thank you again for planning our trip to China. We had a wonderful experience the guides, drivers, hotels, food at the restaurants daily all exceeded our expectations. Also we would certainly recommend your company to any of our friends who might be thinking of a trip to China.
Margaret, Craig, Paul and Sue

  • Customer Name: Steve and Sally Kimball
  • Traveled with Michael & CET in: Sept. 2016

What did Steve and Sally Kimball say about our service:

Hi Michael,
Just wanted to thank you and China Educational Tours for the dinner and gift of the tea service set that was provided to us in Shanghai.  Candy and the office in Shanghai found a really good Italian restaurant for us that was within walking distance to the hotel.
Sally and I thought that our trip was wonderful and we had a fantastic time seeing everything that you had setup for us.  We will recommend your company to anyone who is looking to come to China, as we think that you have a great service oriented company and look out for your clients.
We loved the mountains of Zhangjiajie and Lee.  She was great and took good care of us while walking the glass sidewalks thousands of feet in the air, dodging the monkeys that wanted a snack, as well as setting up a show at night for us.
Thanks again for the trip.
Steve and Sally Kimball

  • Customer Name: John Barb Dickey
  • Traveled with Carol & CET in: May 2016

What did Steve and Sally Kimball say about our service:

Our guides were very pleasant. Mark in Xi’an had good knowledge.

Most Memorable- 
John loved - The Great Wall
Despite the heat and humidity - I loved the bike ride in Yangshuo. It showed many things you might not ordinarily see. I also liked the extra cruise we took at night with Jane in Guilin and the evening cruise with Bella in Shanghai. The lights were amazing and fun! Summer Palace was beautiful.

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  • School Name: Yarram Secondary College & Neerim District Secondary College
  • Traveled with Michael in: Mar. 2013
  • Principal: Wayne Chester

What did Wayne say about our service:

We had a fantastic trip and the students really enjoyed themselves.

The guides were terrific. Jerry did a wonderful job with us in Beijing. He was very easy to work with and his knowledge of the places we visited was very good. We all enjoyed his company and he made our trip very enjoyable.

We also really enjoyed the Royal Phoenix Hotel. The staff were excellent, the rooms were excellent and we really enjoyed the breakfast. It is in a great location and we would definitely use it again.

  • School Name: Paynesville Primary School
  • Traveled with Michael & CET in: Sep. 2013, 2015
  • Principal: Tony Roberts

What did Tony say about our service:

The highlights were the Great Wall and the bike ride around the wall in Xian.

Guides were good. IN Shanghai – Sophie took us out on the first night to The Bund, Nanking Rd and a boat cruise on the river.Sophie asked me if the group would like to do anything – Sophie and I planned it and then I presented to parents. Winnie was fantastic how she collected us in the morning from the train station in Xian and then had breakfast ready at a nearby hotel. Good toilets etc and money machines located next to the hotel.– the group loved this from her.

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  • Customer's Name: Melissa Kinsinger
  • Traveled with CET in: Aug. 2015

What did Melissa say about our service:

For sure, the Great Wall was a favorite. It's absolutely stunning (as you know) and was worthy of the time it takes to get out there. We would have even enjoyed spending more time out there. We loved the visit through the Hutong area and time spent with the local family in their home. We enjoyed speaking with the owner and his sister - they heard we were musical and asked us to sing before we left. We did and it was so fun!

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  • Customer's Name: Debbie Yue at Roseville Travel
  • Traveled with CET in: Mar. 2015

What did the group member say about our service:

"All the guides are very knowledgeable about China's history and were able to respond to the various questions. I really think this was the best China tour I've been on. It included old and new, big and small, trains, planes, boats, and coaches. "

  • Customer's Name: Yolanda Tsang with family
  • Traveled with Carol & CET in: Jul. 2015

What did Yolanda say about our service:

Once again, thank you again for a great trip.  We had a fantastic time and everything went smoothly.  My favorite guide was in Beijing and Jessica in Guilin.  I liked all the tour activities. I would highly recommend the tour and will forward your information.

I loved all the hotels, in particular the setting in Guilin.  

I appreciate it and thanks again for all your hard work. We all had a fabulous journey!
Take Care,

  • Customer's Name: Terry Barnes
  • Traveled with Carol & CET in: Dec. 2015

What did Terry say about our service:

We loved the last three days and will remember them, Lily, Mr Lai and yourself for many years to come. We will also think of you whenever we use your very thoughtful gift.

With best wishes and many thanks again to you and your excellent team, and very success for your growing business,
Terry "