Help Center of disadvantaged Children in Bama County

Due to rocky mountains, tiny and barren farm lands, local farmers in Bama, a remote small town in western of Guangxi Province still suffer with poverty. During 2011 and 2012, 26-year old Chen Yongfu encountered many homeless children when he worked as a village policeman. Most of these children are orphans and some are badly ill. They would never go to school or afford to see a doctor if Chen hadn’t taken them to Bama. He started to take 1 child to live with him, then 2, then 5, and the most 21. With support of the local government, he built this help center and became a “father” before his own son was born. He has made commitment to himself and his children that he will feed them, house them, medicate them and support them till they go to university. Despite pressures from his own family and the society, he has hung on there for 6 years.

On Dec. 30th, 2016,  we drove 8 hours to visit this special family. We shared our stories with them and learn their stories too. We cooked dumplings for the new year eve dinner and played basketball with them. China Educational Tours bears a social responsibility to support this help center continuously. For everyone who travels with us, we donate 1 US dollar to them. Let us know if you wish to donate more

Photos About Help Center in Bama County